5 great party hostels in Central America

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great party hostels in Central America

Ah… My sweet Central America. First there’s the beach to waste the entire day at or the adventurous activities to maintain your adrenaline with. Then there’s the food – absolutely delicious. And finally, the party hostels to keep you up all night. So when do you sleep? On your flight back home after you’ve entirely fallen in love with the last country you visited and wish you didn’t book that flight at all. But before all that happens, make sure you have some fun at these party hostels in Central America.

Here is the top 5 of great party hostels in Central America:

Get closer and you’ll hear the sound of a Latin hostel getting the party started!”

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1. Bigfoot Hostel, Léon, Nicaragua

They are famous for their volcano boarding at Cerro Negro, but with their beach house at the Peñitas beach for some surfing and also not to forget the big parties they throw, they have become the number one in the city of Léon. Not only at the beach hostel of Big Foot, but as well at the main hostel it’s party night every day. Owned by a Brazilian couple, the international party vibe makes us all very happy with events like a flag party, where everyone is covered in body paint and glitters!

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Body shots at the Big Foot beach house!

2. Pacha Mama, San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua

The highly popular FundaySunday party on each and every Sunday of the month is one of the main reasons for travelers to travel to San Juan del Sur, since there’s where you’ll find this amazing pool crawl. The Pacha Mama hostel is close to the beach and to the main strip where you can find all the bars to party at night time, but the SundayFunday party is something no traveler should miss! FundaySunday is organized by Pacha Mama and the Naked Tiger.

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Photo by Tessa Salentijn

3. The Lazy Loft, Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica

Every week the Reggae parties at the Lazy Mon are the highlight of the week for the people living in Puerto Viejo and the tourists. Lazy Mon is the party part of Lazy Loft. Don’t expect a good night’s sleep at the Lazy Loft! The nightly parties are held in its downstairs bar, right underneath the dorm rooms. On the other hand, there’s not really any reason to sleep with all this fun you can be having!

lazyloft--great party hostels in central america-thatwanderlust-travel

Photo: partypuertoviejo.com

4. Zephyr Lodge, Lanquin, Guatemala

Early-to-bed people, stay away! A day and night party lodge in the middle of the jungle valley near Semuc Champey that has amazing food. It has a big party vibe which lets you meet lots of other people and become friends with the staff. You definitely should be prepared for a crazy night.

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Photo: tripadvisor.com

5. Aqua Lounge Hostel, Bocas del Toro, Panama

At just a stone’s throw away from shore in Bocas del Toro you’ll find the Aqua Lounge, which is incredibly popular for its low budget party nights. Located on the water’s edge with a pool you can jump in from the swing or walk into when you’re too drunk to mind your step. It’s the perfect spot for meeting other travelers and the bar staff in fantastic!

aqualounge-great party hostels in central america-thatwanderlust-travel

*I’ve stayed at all these hostels in 2014 during my backpacking adventure through Latin America and everything is written based on my own personal opinion. El Salvador, Belize and more of Honduras is still on my bucket list, so I couldn’t name anything from these countries yet in this post. I believe that the previously mentioned places all offer a safe environment with plenty of fun options and the possibility of meeting other travelers. Although I would personally recommend you to try staying with as many local families or small hostels as possible to get to know the true local culture you can definitely also add some of these party hostels to your travels for some diversity!

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Ever since I left my home country I felt at home at any other place I went to. I enjoy getting to know more cultures by talking to strangers and hearing their philosophy about life. Speaking with gestures when you can not find a shared language, finding places only the locals go to and learn about their customs and values. Hanging out with local people makes me happy. The experience of every new place is a step out of your comfort zone where I like to wander around until it feels like a second home.
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  1. Love th picture of Teun and yrsa takin body shots looks kinda familiar lol and I can’t wait I get bak to Central America im gonna check out the place u recommended in bocas when I get back from the San blas

    • Hi love! Yes it does look very familiar! For some reason every time I try to upload it I get a message saying it’s inappropriate for the web haha! Wish I could join you in C-A! Def visit Bocas, do some diving and surfing is great there too! I can recommend you to stay at the ‘Mar e Iguana hostel’, but go party at Aqua Lounge 🙂 I miss you Jeff!

  2. I have been to all of these places. there all great. Get to Big Foot Leon its a blast. And I hear they have a new Big Foot in Antigua Guatemala that is also a must .

  3. Haha, heb over Zephyr wel slechte verhalen gehoord :’D you party animal! Ik zat daar in Retiro Lodge, een echte early to bed people plek. Heerlijk 😉 en omg, waar is Naked Tiger :P. Sunday Funday aaah <3

    • Lieve Deb! Ik mis jou!
      Zephyr is echt voor de pure feestbeest. Ik ging daar inchecken en letterlijk, de shotjes vielen al over de receptie heen, haha! Naked Tiger hoort van mij part bij Pacha Mama, maar is zeker super! Al heb ik Naked Tiger alleen gezien tijdens SundayFunday en daar weet ik verder niet zo veel meer van, whoops! <3

  4. recomending places like zephyr lodge in a small rural area such as semuc champey, just damages the local economy, guatemala is not ready for the crazyness that this blg mentions, we need people that care about our culture, people, traditions, get drunk at home!!!! you value locals, stay in local owned places, inform yourself

    • Josue’s ignorance and resentment comes from the fact that he runs another party hostel in Lanquin called El Retiro – A good place indeed – unfortunately wasting time and energy on badmouthing his competition in the area on websites like tripadvisor and blogs like these

      • Informing tourists is not a waste of time or energy. And we proudly do not run a party hostel. We spend a bit more money paying actual local workers instead of hiring more foreign volunteers. Since you live in Australia, Manuel, and who knows the last time you have actually been to Lanquin, you must live with the same blissful ignorance that so many tourists do. Block us from as many pages as you’d like to, but we will continue to stand up for what we believe is right – supporting local business, local economies, and preserving and promoting the culture of Guatemala. We have never posted anything on TripAdvisor or any other blogs, to set the record straight, but we did see this article and since we CARE about Lanquin we posted our opinion. To which everyone is entitled. Perhaps you are the one who needs a little more Guatemala.

        • @Joshue. Get drunk at home?!?! Really dude?

          Your pathetic and libelous comment about us hurting the economy shows of little education. For the record, Zephyr Lodge employs over 40 locals. How on earth is that hurting the local economy?! Thats not an opinion, that is trying to damage someone’s good reputation by defamation. And by the way everyone around here in Lanquin knows the only thing you ever CARED about is f*c#ing foreigners, cable television and eating lots of McDonalds.
          When is the last time YOU ever did something for the community? Next time come with real facts instead of spreading hate and false and lame accusations. You’re an angry hater, everyone knows it and that’s why you got kicked out of the hostel management group. Also Joshue, next time someone “disses” you on the internet don’t let your girlfriend write the reply, it is pretty obvious…..You went from poor grammar to someone who actually knows how to form a sentence. Do one you ingrate.

  5. ohhh poor thomas, he doesnt like to be told the truth, jusk like manuel romero and his pathetic page full of overedited pics. of guatemala and overrated hostel like yours, i respond to this cause i just spend a great time laughing at it, well i dont use great grammar “cause i’m a local” jaja something that you hate to hear, local owned hostels support, is one of the things i do for the community, not being afraid of being in meetings for benefits of town is another one,spread hate? when? i mean you are he one who is dutch and greedy, money grabbing, you built a fortress around your hostel, so people have to stay there and don’t eat in town, or buy cheaper tours, blah blah, congrats, for that you need probably 20 workers, the other 20 are cleaning your toilets, making your beds,etc.damage your good reputation) where is it, as far as i know you don’t like it when people tell you in many ways, how loud, obnoxious, drunk, stinky, your hostel is, besides that you already know it, but is more important to have the fame of being a party hostel and keep ruining the fact that people should come to guatemala to see a culture, a diferent one, still kind of ok if you want to run a cantina instead of a hostel, but please for the love of god, don’t be so stupid to have you alliances so clear, so people like me, with a little english knowledge can find it out, and by the way, remember this “just because your rooms are painted with mayan faces, signs or whatever doesn’t mean you are guatemalan, just because you have an id for guatemala doesn’t mean you respect us”, keep partying i think you are 38 or something, time to look ackward among 20 year old backpackers. angry hater i don’t think so, i love foreigners with great ideas, support for the country, positive projects, ngo’s etc. the last time i heard about you, was when 2 of your volunteers came to talk to us about starting a pub crawl in lanquin, jajajaja, really i meani have enough by seeing some of your costumers asking where they can weed in town.

    well about cable television and mcdonalds, why not, is fun. i like to watch the news instead of being like manuel romero editing pictures on facebook, a good tasty unhealthy hamburguer from mc’s tastes better than your poor written comment, wich i found hateful and childish. have a great one.

    • Josue, go troll somewhere else; you worked for, and benefited from, a party hostel for 7 years but now your “sexy and you know it” music and chat-up lines are of no use, you cry out like a biatch. Go back and hide under your rock with your FOX, CNN, McCantEvenFitInTheCave burgers and your completely incorrect view of how economies work, you turnip.

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