Pool Crawling in San Juan del Sur(f)


The streets of San Juan del Sur

Monday is going to be so horrible

is the main thing you’ll hear in the streets of San Juan del Sur during the weekend. The main goal for every tourist in town is to get a ticket to the SundayFunday party and a place to stay. What a night it will be!

The untouched part of Playa Maderas

The untouched part of Playa Maderas

Playa Maderas

It’s Saturday and I’m exploring surfers beach Madera while also trying to figure out what all the freaking SundayFunday fuss is all about.
I ended up booking a night at a cool kind of surfers hostel at the beach, but I know I won’t have much time to enjoy the place since I’ll have to leave early tomorrow morning. To be able to buy a ticket to the Sunday afternoon party in SJDS you have to get to the Pachamama hostel before 9:30am.


The beach in front of Mathilda’s hostel

I met two travelers in Laguna Apoyo who I currently travel with. The place we’re staying at in Playa Maderas is called Mathilda’s and we got this tiny, little room with three beds and a fan for the price of a dorm. Oh yes, lucky us, since we were supposed to share a room with one small and one big bed. I was totally getting the small bed this time and these two travel-friend guys could have just shared the big bed, but since they weren’t up for that we had found another room with a bit less comfort (meaning just one fan), but with more space. Very nice guys and all, but I still want my own bed! No offense.

Hit the rocks

On Sunday morning I wake up having a crab snapping his claw up in the air while sitting on top of my belly. What the hell is that thing doing there?! I just remembered that last night I saw a bunch of those orange crustaceans walking on the porch and actually there was also one crawling up against the wall. He probably got able to get up to the ceiling and then decided to fall off there right on top off me… Anyway, we had to wake up quickly, get all our backpack stuff back together, pay for the night and leave to arrive on time for our transport back to SJDS. This meant that we have to cross the rocky beach firstly to get to the main part of Maderas again where our taxi would hopefully be awaiting us.

Come to think about it, that’s a whole another story. I really got so annoyed yesterday when I tried to arrange that transport for the three of us.

So, yesterday I walked up to a bar on the main beach of Maderas and asked about the timetable of the shuttles that bring people from Maderas to SJDS and the other way around. Well, supposedly they should leave at 8 in the morning according to this bar dude. I decided I should check the time schedule with someone else, you know just in case, and walked up to another bar where they actually told me they don’t leave until ten-ish. So yeah, you got me all confused now! Let’s ask someone else, shall we? I asked another guy who told me the transfer leaves every hour after eight in the morning. Basically everyone has been telling me something different and I had no idea if I would be able to get any ride at 8 o’clock with my two friends to get on time for those precious tickets. We decided to ask a taxi driver that was about to leave if he could pick us up at eight in the morning for a certain price which he did not accept, but he said he’d send someone else who would do it for the price we asked for. Our final status was: some kind of taxi driver of who we have no idea who would supposedly pick us up at eight in the morning. Right.

Trust the locals

Well lucky us. After 20 minutes of falling like three times at the rocky part of the beach crossing we finally reached the main beach of Maderas all scratched and bruised up again because of those damn rocks and immediately we see a taxi driver waiting for us. Yes! It worked! Maybe I should trust the locals an itchy bitchy tiny bit more from now on with their promises referring transport.

After a 30 minute bumpy taxi ride we got back to San Juan del Sur. Well hello you sexy thing, let’s get in that famous cue for the SundayFunday tickets! We drop our backpacks off at a fancy hotel (where clearly I am not staying) and walk to Pachamama to get in line. It appeared to me that there were a lot more men than women and I actually stood in line with 5 girls while all these men had to wait for ages in a different cue until it was their turn to pay 20 American bucks for this wanted ticket. As I got my yellow bracelet showing I had paid the fee I also received a T-shirt. I can now call myself another proud owner of one of those ugly ass tourist tank tops, which actually, by the end of the day, I do seem to like a lot. I might even wear it somewhere, but not tonight! No, tonight it’s time for a bikini and my “Dale pues” T-shirt which I am adoring at the moment.


Want a beer?

After finding a hostel for tonight the main goal would be getting food. Definitely need a good lunch before starting this SundayFunday thing. However, for some reason I am not that hungry right now. I know, I know, it sounds weird. Me not being hungry. Still, I found a taco kind of place where I bought one of their specialties with chicken and kind of got this party started already. I met an Australian dude who brought me a beer and we got into the SundayFunday vibe already while eating street food. The official party didn’t start until 2pm and we still had to wait a little bit before we could walk to the meeting point and get the shuttle to the first pool location.

Then it’s finally 2 o’clock. After arriving to our first “high class” infinity-pool party at the Pelican Resort we realized our day wouldn’t be much more then getting a beer, swimming at the beautiful pool, shaking our booties, getting thrown into the pool by some stranger and getting another beer again. Oh, I almost forgot to mention that I ran into my Dutch friend Tessa. Yay! I was so happy to see a familiar face again from back home and to be able to party with my Dutch friend!

Basically the evening ended when I realized I had been getting a drink or two to much at the Naked Tiger and started looking for my flip flips which I couldn’t find anywhere. Luckily there was an Israeli guy who could tell me exactly where my flip flops were! Thank you Tom! I took the transfer back to my hostel and the next morning I realized that it was only about 10 in the evening when I got back “home”. I was pretty happy about that, because that meant that I could go surfing the day after the party since I had enough sleep!

So yes people, also I have done it. Also I have partied until I dropped in San Juan, even if it was only until ten, it was bloody fantastic. It was a pool crawl that didn’t fail to disappoint.

I still owe you the party pics!

— Update —

I received the photos! Here they come!



10721056_778904032174154_232045835_n 10723588_778903892174168_849740537_n


I have to do what?

I have to do what?

Ah! A High-Five!

Ah! A High-Five!


To the next pool!

To the next pool!



At the Naked Tiger


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