Photos from 7 months in Latin America


Latin America is enormous and you can easily spend over half a year to explore the surroundings. After I graduated for my tourism degree I wandered around for 7 months, starting in Argentina and finishing in Mexico, and I brought my camera to capture the wonderful views.

In seven months time I traveled more than 40.000 kilometers in Latin America, by bus, train, car, plane, boat and foot. I visited Argentina, Uruguay, Chile, Bolivia, Peru, Brazil, Costa Rica, Panama, Nicaragua, Honduras, Guatemala and Mexico and took pictures of the beautiful surroundings that crossed my path. In Patagonia I hiked the Torres del Paine, in Bolivia I tasted the salt flats, in Peru I went to Machupicchu by motorcycle, in Brazil I fished Piranhas for diner and spotted a jaguar in the swamp, in Panama I got my PADI diving certification for beginners and in Honduras I got advanced, in Costa Rica I saw the world’s biggest turtle exploring the beach, in Nicaragua I surfed the ocean’s waves and climbed the Concepcion volcano, in Guatemala I swam through dark caves with a candle and in Mexico I recovered from Dengue and felt way to much at home. With other words, a journey that produced a beautiful memory of photos:




Refugio Frey



... and a silly photo with some travel budies and the Pink Panther in Uruguay

… a silly photo with some travel buddies and the Pink Panther in Uruguay




Torres del Paine




Salar de Uyuni












Diving selfie at Bocas del Toro


Costa Rica

Basiliscus lizard, also known as the Jesus Christ lizard for his ability to run on the surface of water

Jesus Christ lizard in Tortuguero




Playa Madera




Scarlet Macaw at the Copan ruins



 Local girl at the Antigua market with the Volcรกn de Agua in the back

Local girl at the Antigua market with the Volcรกn de Agua in the back




San Pedro Cholula

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Ever since I left my home country I felt at home at any other place I went to. I enjoy getting to know more cultures by talking to strangers and hearing their philosophy about life. Speaking with gestures when you can not find a shared language, finding places only the locals go to and learn about their customs and values. Hanging out with local people makes me happy. The experience of every new place is a step out of your comfort zone where I like to wander around until it feels like a second home.

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