When experiences come to end, it makes space for new adventures

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A disquiet feeling goes from my teeth down into my toes when I realize that it’s time to leave. It’s time for a trip – a new destination – and that means I will have to say goodbye once again. The house that became my home, our home, has to be cleaned and things need to be packed. Goodbye diners and drinks with the people we’ve met turn into a full agenda filler. People that became close friends in such a short time. Whether I’m staying somewhere for two week or for six months, it doesn’t really matter. Saying goodbye doesn’t get any easier, even though it’s not a farewell forever. The place where I have found my rhythm – a way to fit with the local style – now has to wait for my return.

Wild wanderlust

Somehow it always all sounds so sad. As I’m writing this I notice the slight drama in my words. Yet really, it’s not sad at all.

When experiences come to end, it makes space for new adventures. – R.N.R.

That is how I feel and how I can describe it best.

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Exciting things comes to my path many times a year. My life is one big adventure and I keep moving around, thinking I will one day make up my mind and create a steady home. Meeting mr. Viking two years ago made this an even clearer goal. The guy of my dreams who understands my wild wanderlust and can handle my dreams. Heck, he even enjoys it! Probably one day we’ll find a place where we do want to stay. At least for a little longer.

Call me a nomad

Over the last few months the travels went from Greece to Sweden, to Mexico, to Panama, through Costa Rica, with a short road trip to the Netherlands, while currently in Germany heading to Denmark in the next coming days.

When I am constantly on the road I feel at peace. There’s a happiness feeling every time I arrive, but my heart beats a little faster when we get to leave for adventures again.

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Ever since I left my home country I felt at home at any other place I went to. I enjoy getting to know more cultures by talking to strangers and hearing their philosophy about life. Speaking with gestures when you can not find a shared language, finding places only the locals go to and learn about their customs and values. Hanging out with local people makes me happy. The experience of every new place is a step out of your comfort zone where I like to wander around until it feels like a second home.

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