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It’s weekend and that means I get to do some sightseeing with my boyfriend’s family. Today we’re driving up to Kalmar to cross the bridge to the island called Öland. That is if the weather allows us to do so. We tried yesterday, but it was way to foggy in the entire area. Today it seems like it might be a great day for seeing some beautiful landscapes and taking pictures out on this island in the Baltic Sea. It’s cloudy and the wind is blowing, but the sun is peeking through the clouds.

From Kalmar we cross the bridge to Öland and reach what seems to be a beautiful country side. There is so much space and the sea is always awaiting you on the horizon. With the hard wind we have today a car-ride is very doable, but once you step outside it’s as if Öland wants to test your balance skills. My hair is blowing towards all directions, but fortunately not in front of my eyes. Thanks to my boyfriend’s family I get to see a lot of the island today.

Thank you Cia & Micke!

Öland_sweden_smaland_island Öland_sweden_smaland_island Öland_sweden_smaland_island Öland_sweden_smaland_island

Borgholm castle

This ruin of a fortress, actually Nordic’s finest ruin, has an overwhelming size and fascinating surroundings. Unfortunately, it is closed today, but the gate from the museum seems to be open. We walk into the castle garden and through a narrow hole of one of the doors I can see something of the inside. I can’t start to imagine how it must have been here 500 years ago.


Looking through a hole of a locked door

Looking through a hole in a locked door


Currently the Borgholm castle’s inner courtyard hosts events like concerts and Roxette is one of the artists that even shot a music video in there.

The limestone mill of Jordhamn

There is a large amount of old wooden windmills left standing in the fields. You can spot them while driving through Öland’s route 136, but there are also plenty of mills to be found near the sea.


Byrums raukar

On the Western shore in the north of Öland you find horizontally-bedded limestone cliffs. About 120 of these limestone towers, rich in fossils, belong to the 600-meter stretch of limestone beach. The limestone is probably the most dominant feature of the island.

Öland_sweden_smaland_island Öland_sweden_smaland_island Öland_sweden_smaland_island Öland_sweden_smaland_island Öland_sweden_smaland_island

how to get there?!

  • Borgholm Castle
    Road 136 towards Borgholm, about 4 mil north of the Öland Bridge. The castle is visible on the left side of the road as you approach Borgholm. Parking is available. There are also walking trails to the castle of Borgholm center.
    (directions from enjoysweden.se)
  • Jordhamn mill
    The Grinding mill is located in a scenic spot near the coast. To get there you will have to take a quiet country road that is a bit bumpy. During the summer cows graze in the area so it’s a good idea to be a bit careful and also to be considerate of the natural environment.
    (directions from onspotstory.com/sv)
  • Byrums rauker
    The Rauk area is located approximately 8 Kilometers NE of Löttorp. Take the road in direction of Byrum, either from Löttorp or Böda. Drive about 8 km or 6 km and then take off at the sign with text “Raukar”. After a few hundred meters, turn left and continue approximately 500 m to the parking lot.
    (directions from visitoland.com)


Oh, and by the way, if you’re going there you have to try the body cakes – ehm, I mean the Kroppkakor!

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