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I love to travel and especially to go to those exotic places where the weather is warm, the beaches are beautiful and the people live happily. I’ve always wanted to go to Fuerteventura, but never had the chance! Until Planet Surf Camp invited me to join them for a week, and of course I didn’t have to think very long about accepting the invite! I started searching for a flight and found one that takes 4,5 hours from Weeze Airport in Germany. Bingo! Let’s do this, Fuerteventura here I come!


Welcome to the surf house!

It seems this country has the great tropical weather conditions, lovely beaches and friendly people too. Fuerteventura isn’t a big island and it only takes about an hour to get from the airport to the surf house in Corralejo. Next to the Oasis Village there is a street with big white houses where two of them, which are connected to each other, form the Planet Surf house. As I arrive I am welcomed by the staff and other guests, definitely showing the lovely ambiance of the surf house.

It’s like one big happy surfers family.”

The HyperDino supermarket – which is fabulously cheap – is located within a stone’s throw of the surf house. Since there is a big kitchen in the house and plenty of fridges it’s great to be able to get some groceries. As I arrive I also get invited by the others to join for lunch and the ideas for diner later on are being said out loud to be joyfully discussed. Everything is organized together and it’s as if we’ve been living under the same roof for years already. Of course an evening of sharing home-made Pizzas and a BBQ night is part of the surf house experience, let alone the cocktails made by your fellow surfers. Yummy!


The Surf house street



Surf lessons

Planet Surf organizes surf lessons for beginners, intermediate and advanced surfers. With groups of maximum 8 persons you get all the attention you need to improve your surfing. A lesson can begin early in the morning or very relaxed in the afternoon, depending on the surf conditions which the surf instructor checks for you every single day. Thanks to this I get the best waves! It’s possible to have a surf session from 8:30 in the morning to 12:30 on one day and go for sunset surfing on the next day.

Before surfing you get a warming-up at the beach, involving running around the sunbathing people or other surfers. You definitely get warmed up with a smile. After some time riding the waves the surf instructor might call everyone out for some exercises on the beach again, but this time it can be to improve for example your take-off. I’m sure wiping out is an under appreciated skill, but also here the surf instructor has got plenty of advise since he knows the beaches and he’ll let you know if there are rocky parts where you should mind your fall.

You can’t stop the waves, but you can learn to surf.”

On your first surf-day you get a wetsuit, a board and perhaps some shoes for rocky beaches – which we barely need since most beaches are sandy. I use a softtop and also a hardboard, but there are also malibus and such available.

From Monday to Friday surf lessons are provided and on the weekends there’s the well-deserved time off for the surf instructor. However, you can always use the surfboard and the wetsuit on the weekend if you want to go surfing on your own!


The cool surf instructor, or as we liked to call him: the ‘Schnitzel’!


Punta Blanca, where you surf above the reef


Cotillo; a sandy beach to surf at

What to do besides surfing?

In the nearby surroundings of the Surf house you’ll find plenty of things to do, besides surfing, that might keep you busy.

Volcano hiking

Fuerteventura is an island covered with volcanoes and there is one volcano quite close to the Surf house that you can actually hike and get to the top to see the crater and a lovely view. The volcano is not active anymore, but the view is till very much impressive! To walk towards the volcano, do the hike, take photos and walk back will take you about 3 hours and it’s totally without costs!

Sand dunes exploring

Another thing you can do is walk to the desert-looking beach near Corralejo. Just walk towards the beach and enjoy the changes in the surroundings. There is a spot where it truly looks like you’re in the desert and with a lot of wind it’s really nice to go take some cool photos.


There are a couple of bars in Corralejo that are good to go to at night. The Surf Bar Buena Onda is definitely one of my favorites. Try the ‘Ron con miel’!

Of course there is also loads of other options like windsurfing, diving or even shopping, but I think that the activities I just mentioned are good to fill half a day with when you also go surfing.


On top of the volcano overlooking the North shore


The sand dunes of Corralejo

Getting to Corralejo

Basically there are 3 option to get from the airport to the surf house in Corralejo.

Option 1. Take the bus

At the airport you can walk outside the building to the bus stop, which is right there when you step outside the airport. Wait for bus line number 3 to Puerto del Rosario, where you have to pay €1,40 in cash for the ride. Depending on the bus you take you might only have to wait 5 minutes at the Puerto del Rosario bus station to get the next bus to Corralejo. Take bus line number 6 to Corralejo, which costs €3,40 in cash and upon arrival to Corralejo ask the bus driver to drop you off close to the Oasis Village at the roundabout, so that it will be easier for you to walk to the surf house.

It will take you about 1:20hrs to get to the surf house.

Costs: € 4,80

Option 2. Organize a shuttle

If you’re not into local transport and prefer to get a direct ride to Corralejo, then you can book a shuttle. You have to organize this at least two days in advance, so please do mind doing this. You can book the shuttle online for one-way or arrival and departure. It’s a big bus that picks you up and drops you off at Oasis Village, right next to the surf house. The shuttle might be a good option if you have a really early flight back home and need to be sure of transport to the airport.

Going to Corralejo by shuttle will take 40 minutes.

Costs: €7,15

Option 3. Rent a car or ask for a taxi

You can also rent a car at the airport or take a taxi, which would be the most expensive option. If you wish to rent a car during your visit, then it’s better to do this already at the airport because the car rental companies in Corralejo are not very enthusiastic on renting to surfers.


Chilling at el Cotillo

What I think about Planet Surf Camp

I guess that when you read my articles about Planet Surf you can tell that I have become a big fan and that I would love to go back anytime, but you probably want to know if within my own personal experience I have something else to share with you. But, if you like surfing, or the idea of being able to surf, to learn how to surf or improve your skills, then I simply would highly, highly recommend this surf camp company. Since I can’t come up with anything that could change anyone’s mind on going to Planet Surf in Corralejo you should definitely go check it out yourself and let me know what your own experience was. Beautiful minds inspire others and that’s exactly what happens at the Planet Surf house in Corralejo.

Your wave is waiting…”

Details & information

Surf camp: Planet Surf Fuerteventura
Cost: a week in Fuerteventura with accommodation at the surf house and surf lessons will cost you approximately €249,-.
Note: keep on eye out for nice offers on Facebook! You can find a cheap flight at Ryanair!

Surfing is very much like making love. It always feels good, no matter how many times you’ve done it”

Paul Strauch.

*This post was a collaboration. However I would never endorse a product or service I did not actually use & believe in. Reader trust is much more important. Learn More..

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