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Just remember to fall in love when autumn starts. There is nothing else really. Find yourself a new lover, or maybe a new pair of shoes like I did. The Dutch autumn depression will not get a chance with the colors of the Mipacha shoes.

New love

I went online to check out the Mipacha store, which is always risky because you never know if you are going to order clothes that might not fit you when they arrive. This time though I was confident that it would not become any issue and of course it helped that I fell in love with the shoes immediately…haaaaa *sigh*


My shoes match the graffiti of the Buenos Aires pavement.

Alto or bajo

I could choose between high (Alto top) or low (Bajo top) shoes and my favorite color – from bright orange, aqua blue, to Barbie pink or army green. I personally do not enjoy any high sneakers, so I went looking for the best-looking Bajo top. Since I like blue a lot and I have a lot of clothes with the color blue, I thought it would be good for me to get blue shoes too! So, there I went again, shopping online. Mipacha, Bajo top, Azul. Ordered!



Mipacha means ‘my world’ in Quechua, the native Spanish language of Peru. This fascinating South American country can inspire anyone with their style, and now these colors, symbols and motives are being used for the Mipacha shoes.
The shoes are being produced by fair-trade and 10% of the profit goes to local projects in Peru, which benefits the local workers from Cuzco. According to the ancient Inca believe, Cuzcu is the heart of Peru.


Surprise surprise!

The Mipachas soon arrived at my doorstep in a little box. When I opened it, I expected to find just the shoes, but firstย surprisingly I found a cute little Mipacha backpack kinda bag! And of course, inside the bag were the shoes, with a handmade bracelet from Peru attached to the shoelaces.
I decided to wear them immediately and while I was running upstairs to get a pair ofย  shoe insoles (which I usually need for any kind of sneakers) I noticed that they were really comfortable without the insoles too! I decided to not use the soles in my Mipachas and walked outside with them happily ever after. At least, that was what I thought until it started to rain. While thinking of the people who handmade the shoe in Peru and the possibility of the colors now fading away I made my way back home as soon as I could. But hey, guess what? This shoe can handle the bad Dutch weather! They still looked new after the rain and all the colors were still bright and beautiful.


Travel shoes

Now that I fell in love with my new shoes I want to bring them with me on my journeys. With love from Peru and a touch of the Netherlands I think these are my new travel shoes for Latin-America.

Details & information

Product: Mipacha
Cost: โ‚ฌ109,99
Note: whenever I want to buy shoes in a local shoe store I always have to try both a size 41 and a size 40 to make sure the size is right – I have different shoe sizes in my closet. The Mipacha had to be a size 40 for me. If you have the same issue with the sizes and want to order this great looking shoe online, I recommend you to get the smaller size. And yes, I know I have big feet for a lady! ๐Ÿ˜‰

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