Huatulco, the real Mexico without Taco Bell

Nine ways to enjoy paradise: Tangolunda, Chahue, Santa Cruz, Conejos, Maguey, Cacaluta, Chachacual, Organo and San Agustin. Those are the unforgettable bays of Huatulco.

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Untouched beaches

You cannot always reach the beaches by taxi, but you can definitely reach them by speedboat. This makes it more unique and less touristic. At the bay of St. Cruz you will find plenty of fishermen ready to bring you to one of the beautiful beaches for a few pesos. These fishermen normally take some snorkel equipment along for you as well and if you ask nicely they will make a quick stop at the batcave (because you can only get there by boat as well). This cueva del MurciΓ©lago, or batcave, is located next to the beach La Entrega. You can also count on a visit to El Bufadero, which is a underwater cave with a tunnel where the seawater is being pushed through by the waves.

The best thing is that almost all these bays in Mexico are still untouched. On Santa Cruz and Maguey you will find some restaurants, but everything else is all natural.

El Bufadero- ThatWanderlust

El Bufadero

Authentical Mexican cuisine

In the little town of Huatulco, la Crucecita, you will find the local people. The tourists who arrive are generally Mexicans who spend a few days enjoying the beach and they even come by car. You can try the local tequila, known as Mezcal at La Casa Del Mezcal where they will also try to make you eat chapulines (grasshoppers). I can really recommend it to you that you try them! The will let a scorpion walk on your hand if you would like to try this too. A unique tasting experience from the province of Oaxaca.

You won’t find any fastfood chains in la Crucesita or in the neighborhoods of Huatulco such as a McDonald’s or a Taco Bell… only the delicious authentical Mexican dishes are being served by local people with their own restaurant. There are a few Italian restaurants though, for the pasta lovers. Which is also great food and still prepared by locals.

What I personally see as a very nice restaurant is ItΓ³o Bistro. There your heart will be warmed by the sweet Mexican chef and her enthusiastic staff. Here you should order Chilaquiles; corn tortilla’s with green or red sauce, mole (Oaxacan sauce), eggs, chicken, cheese and beans. Delicious!

Looking for adventure?

The river Copalita is ideal to go rafting, but you can also go ride a quad or enjoy the beautifull waterfalls where you can jump off. There a more waterfalls then just one, so make sure that you go to the most amazing one; Las Brisas. The waterfall named Llano Grande is also visited a lot, but because of the big audience your visit might not be that pleasant. Las Brisas on the other side is a more quite place with a higher waterfall. You can even climb into a cave inside the waterfall and push yourself into the force of the waterfall.

Cascadas Las Brisas

Cascadas Las Brisas


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