Being a traveling woman just got easier

When you are getting ready for your backpacking trip and you are a woman you will probably think about stock-piling tampons into your backpack. So did I at first, but then I realized that there must have been many ladies with this problem before I did – and that means, someone must have come up with a solution!

*Warning! According to some male friends of mine, this can be a bit shocking for men to read. So if you cannot stand it when your girlfriend asks you to buy ice cream or chocolate that time of the month, you should not continue reading*


The DivaCup

The DivaCup. Yes, you read that right, a reusable cup for Divas. It takes away a lot of worrying in that time of the month, because you can just wear your white trousers since it is leak-free and you do not have to carry any expensive tampons with you anymore.

The DivaCup offers the perfect solution. It means that you will not have to carry a stock of tampons with you and you will not even have to buy those weird foreign tampons anymore that are always way to expensive anyway. If you are one of those ladies looking for ways to make your backpack lighter (like cutting the handle off your toothbrush) then this is the ultimate solution for our monthly packing issue.





  • You will not have to buy new tampons every other month anymore. You can use the DivaCup for several years! Just clean the DivaCup every time after usage and you will safe a lot of money. Good for your wallet!
  • You will not have that little rope ‘down under’ anymore, so for example you can simply go to the sauna with the DivaCup πŸ™‚
  • It is good for the environment, because you are not throwing anything away anymore. You are actually recycling!
  • No more asking other ladies in the bathroom: “Eehm.. Excuse me… Do you have a tampon for me?”




  • You will have to find a way to clean it. So when you are at a public bathroom I can imagine that you are not going to clean it in front of others. But you could clean it with a tissue in emergencies or have 2 DivaCup’s so that you can alternate them.



Details & information

Product: Diva Cup
Cost: about €30
Note: It might seem rather expensive, but hey, you will not have to buy it again for a couple of years! It sure beats buying tampons every other month. You can choose between cup 1 or 2. Cup 1 is for the young woman, and cup 2 is for the the ladies who have given birth before.

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