Walking on ice at Perito Moreno


Imagine this:

A huge white island of ice in the middle of a lake between the mountain peaks of Patagonia and yourself wearing crampons walking on top of this white with blue colored glacier.



The hike starts with a boat ride on the Brazo Rico lake side were we see the glacier from a different point of view and really close by. There are pieces of ice floating on the lake as they have fallen of the glacier earlier today.



The most beautiful glacier in the world

Once we arrive at the point where the glacier touches land we get a quick explanation about the formation of it all before we start our actual ice hike.

The guide explains that there are many glaciers in the nearby surroundings which are bigger and older, but the Perito Moreno glacier is the one that’s the mos accessible and according to many, to most beautiful.

glacier_perito_moreno_1 glacier_perito_moreno_1  glacier_perito_moreno_people



Ice is pretty dangerous. If you fall down you”ll cut your hands on the sharp pieces, so you need to bring some gloves for this hike. Also, your shoes are important. With some sport shoes or hiking shoes you’ll be fine, but you can’t enter the glacier with just that. The guys from the hielo & aventura company will provide you with crampons. They will attach them to your shoes so that you can walk safely on the ice without feeling a slippery surface. I also like to wear a thermosuit underneath my hiking trousers and sweater for some extra comfort in this cold place. Oh, and don’t forget the hat!

glacier_perito_moreno_renata glacier_perito_moreno_renate glacier_perito_moreno_closeup


This is how the pro’s climb their way up


How to warm yourself up at a glacier

The hike finishes with some Famous Grouse whiskey on the rocks – of the glacier – and a typical Alfajor cookie with the Argentinean dulce de leche. Now that we’re all warmed up again it’s time to ice hike our way back and say goodbye for now to the glacier to how it is today. Every day the glacier changes, and today’s trail won’t exist anymore by tomorrow due to the natural movement. Where we walk the glacier it moves about 15 centimeters per day, but on the front side it moves two meters a day. Luckily this glacier is not effected by the climate changes (yet), and for every piece that breaks the glacier creates a new part at the back. Nature is amazing.


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  1. The Perito Moreno Glacier is not only the most beautiful glacier it is also the only glacier in the world that doesn’t loose ground – it doesn’t get smaller! Ice is always pushing its way down! I loved the hike and wow those deep dark blue crevasses, magical! Did you also see a piece of ice falling in the water? That was something majestic I have never witnessed in my entire life… unbelievable! Great pictures btw. makes me want to go back =)

    • Hi there! You’re absolutely right! It keeps on breaking and creating, amazing! I have been waiting for a while to see some pieces fall of and it’s worth your time indeed 😉 If you can go back, you should! I’d love to already! 😀

  2. Hi, I think we’re both dutch but for other people’s sake I’ll ask in English. Did you take this tour from Puerto Natales or did you travel to El Calafate first? Do you remember how much it was? Cheers! Olga

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