The world’s 5 best motorcycle travel rides

Freedom, speed, exploring and adventure. These are some of the things you might be looking for during your travels. If you feel like jumping on a motorcycle and get all that, then there are many pretty cool places to choose from. Here are some of the top views I’ve had during my travels which would be great to enjoy on a motorcycle.

A list of the world’s 5 best motorcycle travel rides

motorcycle travel-ruta40_argentina_motorcycle

Curves at the Argentinean Alta Montaña

  • Route 40, Argentina
    While I was cruising these roads by minivan I couldn’t help but wonder how amazing it must be to make the curves with a motorcycle. Route 40 or “Ruta 40” is the longest and busiest road in South America. From the small city of Quiaca in the northern Argentinean province of Jujuy you leave the Bolivian border and head down literally for the end of the world. You can pass through parts of the great Andes and plenty of national parks. The possibility for stops along the way are not for standard mountain scenery. The seven lakes region, the circuit of Alta Montaña, Cerro de los Siete Colores, but also the Perrito Moreno glacier are some of the wonderful spots you can visit during your ride on the Ruta 40.

    motorcycle travel-australia_motorcycle

    The twelve apostles of Australia

  • The Great Ocean Road, Australia
    A visit to Australia cannot be made without going to see the twelve apostles. Of course, I had to see this magnificent area with beautiful nature for myself during my visit in 2012. If I could go again, I’d love to ride the Great Ocean Road by motorcycle. It’s scenery is amazing! Stop for some surfing, koala spotting in the forest or simply look at the big rock formations we’ve all heard so much about!

    motorcycle travel-dolomites_valgardena_italy_motorcycle

    Curves ahead in Val Gardena!

  • Dolomites, Italy
    Go from Bolzano to Cortina or take a shorter ride from Santa Cristina to Canazei. The options here are endless. During my winter seasons working as a guide I had to drive my car a few times per week through these mountain passes filled with snow. Surely these paths can be great during the summer to cruise with a motorcycle!

    motorcycle travel-CrazyHorseMemorial_that_wanderlust

    Crazy Horse Memorial in the U.S.A.

  • From Spearfish all the way to Wounded Knee, South Dakota USA
    In 2010 I took a road trip by car with my dad to South Dakota. The main attractions on our route were Mt. Rushmore, Crazy Horse, Custer State Park & Spearfish Canyon Scenic Byway. These places are so diverse and during the drive this road gives spectacular sights of the Rocky Mountains! Now and then a buffalo gets in your way, but that surely adds to the adventure.

    motorcycle travel-cusco_peru_machupicchu_motor_trip

    The curves in Peru

  • Cusco to Machu Picchu, Peru
    The famous incatrail has been imprinted by many steps, but the roads to Machu Picchu somehow still seems quite “off the path” – and they really are! If you want to visit this great Inca ruin in a less traditional way then you should get on the saddle and drive up to this ancient civilization. A few days will be necessary, as this isn’t a simple nor short trip. Expect crossing floated roads changed into waterfalls, few gas stations and high altitude.
  • Tips on how to be prepared and stay safe!

    First you will need to have the right motorcycle gear that will keep you comfy and safe. You might want to rent a motorcycle and the gear on the spot, but in case you’re leaving the house with your own motorcycle you should have the following motorcycle gear.

    • Motorcycle helmet
      A motorcycle helmet might be the first thing you’ll think about and it’s definitely the most important piece of gear to invest in. It is also one of the simplest pieces of gear, however you can choose from many kinds of helmets and a popular one is the Arai Full Face Helmet based on the fit and comfort.
    • Motorcycle gloves
      Probably the most important item after the helmet, as when we fall we tend to catch our fall with our hands.
    • Motorcycle boots
      Basically just like gloves, you want to protect your feet.
    • Motorcycle suit
      Whether you prefer to get a loose jacket and pants or a full suit, it’s all there to help you protect your skin. It’s a protection against abrasion from falling, but also to help you stay dry during rain and warm riding through wind.

    Which motorcycle routes do you love? Which Motorcycle gear do you use? Is there a motorcycle route that’s still on your wish-list?

    All these routes are based on my personal experience and I’d love to hear your thought about them!

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