Travel Gear Review on the anti-theft Travelon Bag + giveaway!

It’s hard for a woman to decide on what to bring today when leaving the house, since we don’t always know what we’ll need. That’s why some of us like to carry a bigger bag and others a smaller one. So what happens when you’re out traveling? Do we look at it the same way or do we know what we carry with us?

In my travel-case there are a couple of things I know I’ll always need in my bag, like my mobile phone, my passport, my camera, my book, my scarf, my sweater, a tiny umbrella, a bottle of water and my wallet. But hey, where can I fit all these things into while traveling without needing to carry a day-pack every time? Travelon gave me the solution.

my handy travel bag

I normally carry a whole lot of things with me in my handbag when I travel, just in case plans or the weather changes and I need to be able to put on a sweater of carry an extra bottle of water for a longer walk. I started looking for a bag that was going to replace my day pack for whenever I’d feel like moving around with something a bit more compact and yet spacious enough for all my daily carry-around-while-I-travel things.


Walking with my Travelon bag in Chiapa de Corzo, Mexico

I started looking on the internet for a bag that would keep my belongings safe. I knew that I was going to spend time in places where people might see me as a rich person because I’m able to travel to their country and they could try and steal my bag or take things out of it. I needed something secure.

I started browsing for a safe travel bag and immediately I found the travel bag brand Travelon. The words ‘travel easier and safer‘ pulled my attention and as I started exploring their website I discovered a bag that was totally suitable for everything I wanted as a woman traveling on her own with a camera.

Using my Travelon Anti Theft bag as a camera bag in Oaxaca, Mexico

Using my Travelon Anti Theft bag as a camera bag in Oaxaca, Mexico

My bag is always a bit heavy

It seems I always have to carry so many things and that I should still go for the casual day-pack when going on a daytrip. However, I’ve found the Travelon Anti-Theft Classic Crossbody Bucket Bag to fit all my things as I can easily place my extra sweater in there, together with a scarf and a fat book. Even my good camera fits in there!

The bag has several compartments in case I’d like to organize my things and this makes it easier to find them more quickly. There is a front compartment that’s open, where I like to leave my Labello stick and my sunglasses or some business cards. Then there’s another compartment behind that one, which has a zipper. On the inside you can easily place two mobile phones or some credit cards. In my case the two pockets for the phones are super handy as I always carry my personal iPhone and a travel phone for different foreign Sim cards. I like to leave my passport in this compartment too and whenever I have something else that I need to store that needs to be accessible quickly but stored safely, then I place it in there.

The main compartment has a zipper as well and here I have the space I was looking for which makes me so satisfied with this bag. It allows me to carry all the things I wish to have with me just-in-case the bad or cold weather scenarios pop up. It also allows me to store some things separate from each other (especially cards) due to the extra pockets on the inside of the main compartment. There is another compartment on the back of the bag, which can also be closed with a zipper. I use this pocket for some flight or bus tickets or to store the notes I wrote down on a piece of paper. The main compartment and the front compartment with zipper can be secured with the lock that’s located on the top of the bag. Great thing, because nobody will be able to open my bag up when I use the lock! Also the material of the bag is protected with slash proof body panels, which makes it impossible to cut. The bag keeps you identification safe as well, as the sleeves are RFID blocking, meaning that a thief will be prevented from grabbing personal information out of, for example, your credit card, ID and passport.

A big fat yes to the anti-theft system


  • Slash-proof locking main and front compartments
  • Cut-proof shoulder strap attaches to chair or post
  • RFID blocking card slots
  • Front slash pocket and zip rear pocket
  • 2 mesh expansion pockets hold water bottle & umbrella
  • Removable LED light


The giveaway

You don’t have the Travelon Anti-Theft bag yet and would like to win a free bag for your next travels? Well, you’re lucky! I can provide one of the readers with a Travelon Anti-Theft bag!

To enter the giveaway contest you only have to leave a comment below with your story on where the Travelon Anti-Theft bag would have saved you from getting pick pocketed. It’s easy – the best story will win and the winner get’s notified on November 5, 2014.


Using my Travelon bag for the beach in Puerto Escondido, Mexico 


I challenge you try it

I can’t really say I tested the anti-theft part, thankfully, because no one tried to pickpocket me, but I did carry this bag with me for one month in Mexico and walked around with it nearly everywhere from morning till midnight. But, I can say I’ve been using this bag with satisfaction as a camera bag and as my normal travel bag… and I still have it, so I can highly recommend it to you.

Looking for my wallet inside of my Travelon Anti Theft bag to buy some Mezcal in Mexico

Looking for my wallet inside of my Travelon Anti Theft bag to buy some Mezcal in Mexico

Details & information

Product: Anti-theft classic cross-body bucket bag
$65 US Dollar
Note: if you are traveling on your own and you got to carry your personal belongings with you I can highly recommend you this bag. It will make you feel more sure of not getting robed and you will walk more relaxed. It’s available in different colors.


Which carry-on bag for when you travel do you use? Do you think it’s worth the money to buy a bag that protects your belongings from pickpockets?


Strolling through a Mexican market with my Travelon Anti Theft bag


* does not ship products outside of the USA and Puerto Rico. Travelon does however have retailers in certain parts of the world that sell certain products. To view a list of retailer websites, please visit: for Canada and for international. Some travel accessory and luggage stores sell Travelon products, although our products are not in every country.

*This post was sponsored. However I would never endorse a product or service I did not actually use & believe in. Reader trust is much more important. Learn More..

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  1. Nice to read your website again! This bag is very nice! I do recognise the “problem” with having a kind of explosion in my bag when travelling! Kind regards, Kim

  2. I’ve never been pickpocketed. I do, however, tend to walk around in heavily populated areas. I would love this bag so I could continue to say “I’ve never been pickpocketed.”

  3. I can totally relate to wanting to take enough (or too much) stuff with me without carrying around a day pack all the time! I have never been pickpocketed, but I do get nervous about it sometimes in busy places like tourist hotspots in Prague or public transport in Rome. The anti-pickpocketing features look very interesting – I had never really looked for them but now that I know bags like this exist, they’re definetely on my wish list. Also love the pocket for the bottle – I am always afraid of finding everyting soaked when I just leave bottles to wander around in my bag. Interesting post – thanks!

  4. We’re going to NYC in about a month. When we go out of the country, we tend to go places that are less crowded, so I can keep an eye on things and be very aware. In NYC, though, there are just people everywhere and you can’t tell if that person pressing up against you is just standing too close or if they’re up to something (and it happens too often to constantly be checking)!

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