To Smartphone or to Dumbphone?


Smartphones are slowly, little by little, taking over the world. Almost everybody nowadays is feeling pressured to buy a smartphone, while some of us are actually perfectly happy with our “dumbphone”. People want to be connected and preferably 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. There’s no easy getting away from things when you have a smartphone though, because society expects you to check your phone the whole day and to reply within a few minutes, or even better, within one minute.

I must admit it. I have a smartphone as well – an iPhone 4S, which is now facing a slow death since I dropped it on the floor at the gym… again. Not that I drop the darn thing every day, but I’ve had my smartphone for over 3 years now and of course I’ve dropped it a couple of times by accident.


There are certain advantages and disadvantages to having a smartphone and they tend to confuse me a lot since I kind of need (do I really?) a smartphone to make my job more easy. It do costs a lot of money to have one and when you’re a traveler, like myself, then the possible risk of someone stealing your smartphone is not a joy at all. Would I really miss out on a lot of things if I wouldn’t have a Smartphone?

Should I buy a Smartphone or a Dumbphone?

Reasons I “need” it

  1. I talk for “free” with friends and family because of WhatsApp.
  2. I listen to music through my phone’s playlists.
  3. I can take pictures and make notes whenever I want and need to.
  4. I practice languages with my language app and log my runs.
  5. I can download my mail whenever, wherever (which can also be a bad thing).
  6. There is always Skype when I have no more credit.


Reasons why I don’t need it

  1. It makes me want to use it while I’m driving.
  2. It doesn’t help me to get some sleep since I sleep next to it which seems not to be healthy at all.
  3. Stupid group chats.
  4. I don’t play games.
  5. I already have a relationship and I don’t need one with my phone. I know people who put more attention to their phone than to their loved ones!
  6. I may be forced again to repair or replace it, which would cost me a fortune.

To live and to work today is to be surrounded by technology and no matter how many things I resist about smartphones, I still love having immediate access to the whole wide world.


So will it be a Smartphone or a normal cellphone? Everyone will have to make their own call…

However, I do would love to hear what you think.

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