Flying from tree to tree with the original canopy


When you go to Monteverde you will find yourself surrounded by the cloud forest. Meaning that there are many, many trees and that it might be a bit misty.

Now I was quite a lucky gal since it was not misty at all during my stay at Monteverde and so I had a clear view at, well, the entire forest. For as far as I could look that is of course. Especially during the canopy tour I did!

The original Canopy

Did you know the first canopy in the world was built in Costa Rica’s Monteverde? The company named “The Original Canopy” created the concept of soaring from tree to tree and they still are providing the best canopy tour of Costa Rica.

The Original Canopy brings people to the cloud forest where only researchers and photographers could go to back in the day. They make it possible for tourists to get spectacular views while sliding along a cable from tree to tree.

Quality or quantity

I started my adventure in the morning with three other tourists and two guides, which made it all pretty personal. I thought that was great! How many times do you go to a tour where they go for quantity instead of quality? Well, The Original Canopy knows how to work with quality! With just the six of us we had enough time to talk, have fun and relax. No long waiting lines and yet enough people to have a great time together.


Tarzan swings, rappelling and zip lines

We started the canopy tour by a short walk up hill to begin with the Tarzan swing. I went first.

I had to put on my gloves and walk up to a platform where the guide, Johnny, attached me to a bunch of cables and told me to bend my knees and hold on to the cable. He was still holding the cable as well while he counted to three. One… two… Three! And of I went. Whoo-hoo! It felt like a giant kids swing, but at a way better location than in a kids playground. The adrenaline I got before jumping off the platform soon got replaced with a very relaxed and free feeling. The other guide, Greivin, waiting for me on the ground to slow me down and pull me down again.

We then got a nice explanation about the real deal. The canopying. The guides were hanging attached to the cable with their harness showing how to break with your hand (wearing a special globe that is) and how to keep your balance.


Johnny explains how to “zip line”

We were ready to start the zip line gliding. Some zip lines of a few meters, some of a 1000 meters. Amazingly awesome! Every time one of the guides would welcome you to the platform with open arms and attach your harness to the next zip line. These guys were really cool and friendly, smiling all the time.

At one of the platforms up in the trees there was a rappel, meaning you get to hang into a rope and vertically slide back to the ground again. This part was optional, so one of ladies who didn’t like the heights decided to leave this part out during the tour. She missed the rappel, but not only that. She also missed the cool Ficus tree where you had to climb into to get back up to the platform again for the next zip line. Instead she waited at the same platform until we got back.

At the end of the tour we all agreed that this canopy tour gave us a lot of adrenaline, but that is was relax at the same time. A sense of freedom once you are sliding from tree to tree.


Watch my canopying video from Monteverde with The Original Canopy

Details & information

Company The Original Canopy
US $45 for adults and US $35 for students
Note: This is company created the concept of canopying and they are still providing the best tours with small groups in Monteverde. I saw the other tour companies and noticed they had really big groups. If you like more quality instead of quantity you now know where to go to 🙂

*This post was sponsored. However I would never endorse a product or service I did not actually use & believe in. Reader trust is much more important. Learn More..

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