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You are finally there! I have looked at you, chosen you, played with you, smelt you, rolled in you, worn you around the house, in bed and out with my buddies…now it is time to pack you and travel!


Packing a backpack is an art. Everybody does it differently and we all pick up tricks while packing, but with The North Face Women’s Conness backpack everything starts easier already.

Storage for everything you carry along

The top compartment allows you to use it as your toiletry bag because you can take the entire piece off (great for the ladies) and it has enough space for your toothbrush, lotions, and all the other things you need to make you look good and taken care of.

The backpack has one side where you can store a bottle of water or some papers, or maybe some books. There is a hidden compartment behind it with a zipper which allows you to store something a bit more secret.
If you need to access something quickly then you can slide it into the front compartment. I like to use it to slide some travel document into for the storage of my chargers and such items that need easy access.

You have enough space on the inside of this pack to store your clothes. What I really enjoy is that you have multiple options for opening the backpack and taking your things out. An easier way than opening the top of the pack is to lay the backpack flat on the ground and use the zippers on the front. The zippers allow you to open the pack as if it were a suitcase. In that way you can organize your things nicely and you do not have to take everything out whenever you need something that is on the bottom of the pile.

Another thing you can do is open the bottom compartment and access the inside of the pack from there, but I think that is less practical. Opening and connecting the bottom compartment to the main compartment is useful when you want to create one big section with a lot of space. Though, I think it is better to have the possibility to separate things and leave the bottom compartment for other usage.

The bottom compartment is great to store your shoes and to push some small things into with the space left over, such as socks and other small items. It is actually there to store your sleeping bag, but I prefer to use it for my shoes en leave the sleeping bag attached on the outside of the pack with the straps.

Store your dirty laundry with your shoes (in separate plastic bags). It will be easy to push it into the bottom compartment between your shoes and this saves you a lot of space!


I even use my backpack as a pillow

your Feminine curves stay happy

Actually this backpack is not just a normal backpack. It is a technical women’s backpack!

The back of the The North Face Women’s Conness backpack is adjustable for anyone. You can customize the position of the harness by sliding it up or down so that it will be comfortable for your length. It is an easy thing to do, the harness is not difficult to adjust and there will always be enough ventilation between your body and the backpack due to its Opti-Fit X suspension system.


The frame is supportive, but gives enough space to walk comfortably, even on rough terrains. The straps are designed to fit a woman’s body and I have to say that this system works pretty good. It does not give you the feeling that the pack is to large or that the backpack is carrying you instead of the other way around.


My backpack in a hotel room in Sweden

Details & information

Product: The North Face Women’s Conness 65
the backpack I use costs €260
Note: I currently have the Women’s Conness 65-68 Liter Backpack, High Rise Grey/Asphalt Grey. It is especially designed for the comfort of the ladies.

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  2. IΒ΄m actually looking at backpackingbags right now and I am very intrested in this one! Do you recomend it? Are you satisfied with it? Have you tried other bags or is this the only one?


    • Hi Matilda! I really love this backpack and I do highly recommend it for those backpackers who need a lot of organization in their backpack (since it has a lot of compartments) and like a comfortable and good support for their back. It is a special backpack for women, so it’s even good for our measurements with the straps πŸ™‚ I tried other backpacks, but this is definitely my favorite. Have fun with your trip! Happy travels!

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