Öland and its many cool surprises


It’s weekend and that means I get to do some sightseeing with my boyfriend’s family. Today we’re driving up to Kalmar to cross the bridge to the island called Öland. That is if the weather allows us to do so. We tried yesterday, but it was way to foggy in the entire area. Today it seems like it might be a great day for seeing some beautiful landscapes and taking pictures out on this island in the Baltic Sea. It’s cloudy and the wind is blowing, but the sun is peeking through the clouds.
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Outdoor in the Stockholm Archipelago [video]

In September 2014 I got invited to the Stockholm Archipelago by the Outdoor Academy of Sweden and once again I brought my DSLR camera and my GoPro to capture the entire travel story. Hiking, kayaking, camping, cycling, making campfire, some good food and moments on the ocean – all wrapped up in just under 3 minutes. Enjoy the being outdoors!

Elky Elkwood charming the girls in Sweden [video]

elky_elkwood_sweden_utoHave you ever heard about Elky Elkwood? Elky is a very loving Elk from Sweden, who is currently working as an intern for Nature Travels – UK specialists for Outdoor Experiences in Sweden. However, he doesn’t seem to work that much, since we find him plenty of times holding a beer or trying to charm the girls from around the world. Every year That Wanderlust finds him in Sweden and this year, as he was traveling through Sweden again, we met at the Stockholm Archipelago. Our charmer tried to impress the international girls at the harbor of Utö, but ended up getting cozy with quite a few at the Storastrand…

Don’t you just love Elky?