Living a nomadic lifestyle


Life as a nomad

A nomadic lifestyle gives you a lot, but just as in relationships it’s about giving and taking. Traveling for weeks, months or for a lifetime isn’t only about relaxing on tropical beaches with an ice cold beer in your hand. It might seem like paradise to some of us, but it will mean a frustrating life to others. Here are some of the characteristics of a nomadic lifestyle. more!

Overlooking the jungle from the ancient Mayan pyramid of Coba


Coba, Mexico

Climbing to the top of Coba’s pyramid, which is the highest Mayan pyramid of the Yucatan Peninsula. It gives a majestic view of the Mexican jungle surroundings.

It’s Friday morning when we hop on one of the ADO buses in Tulum to head for Coba. The night before we had already bought our round-way tickets to make sure we have seats. The ancient Maya ruins of Coba lay in the middle of the Mexican jungle yet surrounded by lakes, about an hour away from Tulum. more!

Fuel your wanderlust – Someday isn’t on the calendar


Showering on the PakiPoint beach in Bocas del Toro, Panama

You’re in your twenties or thirties, perhaps even forties or a completely different age and you feel like something new. An adventure someday or possibly an entire change of lifestyle. You feel like going abroad, yet it’s a very, very scary idea. Can you really leave everyone and everything behind? more!

10 ways to travel the world and get paid for it

passport travel for free work abroad

Want to travel the world? But you don’t have enough money to do so? Stop worrying! You probably think that it’s all the rich kids who get to travel, but have you ever considered an option where you get paid to travel somewhere? more!