Coming home to Calella

Aurora from Seville, my old colleague, is awaiting my arrival at Girona airport when I walk through customs. We give each other a big hug followed by two kisses on the cheeks and walk towards the car, which she somehow always seems to park at the entrance of whatever comfortable place without getting a “multa” from la policia. more!

With Ryanair to Girona


As I am waiting at Eindhoven Airport to catch a flight to Girona Barcelona I realize that I have done this over fifty times. I mean, I have been waiting at this airport many many times to catch the same flight; to reach my previous hometown, which used to be a weekly activity on my agenda. Today I am flying back, again, but for a different reason. I am invited to attend the ExpoNuvis fair in Calella and walk their catwalk. How about that! more!

Summer Carnival at Rotterdam with Manu Chao

Last Saturday I took the train to Rotterdam where I was dying to go to because Manu Chao was going to be there! I never saw my favorite artist live, but this was my chance to go and see him and I did not even had to pay for a ticket – entrance to the festival and the concert was for free! more!

Barcelona, the openair museum of Catalunya

That nice little hotel at the Costa Brava where you are staying has plenty of excursion brochures for you at the reception, but of course you would rather go by yourself to the impressive capital of Catalunya: Barcelona.

The trainrail from Malgrat de Mar till Barcelona (Plaça de Catalunya) lays next to the beach and this gives you a nice view during your train trip for about an hour.
Train tickets in Spain are quite cheap (at least compared to the Netherlands for sure). For a one-way ticket you pay €4,55.
You can also buy a ’10-ways’ ticket at the machine which will cost you €33,95 and might come in handy when you travel with many friends or family together – You actually are allowed to travel with more people with the same card.

Once you have arrived at the Plaça de Catalunya in Barcelona you will find yourself staring at all those cute little streets you can walk into. Probably you will not even notice the beautiful square when you arrive, because you are so distracted by La Rambla and the shopping street Passeig de Gràcia.

La Rambla. ThatWanderlust

La Rambla more!