Or so I’ve been told #4


I met Kali, the funny British, & Mickayla, the lovely American, on the bus from LΓ©on in Nicaragua to La Ceiba in Honduras. What a blast we had during those twelve hours of getting raced through the highways of Honduras and falling of the bus seats several times due to our speedy Gonzales driver. We got to know each other very, very well, maybe a bit too well ;-), during the ride because of the loads of story telling we did about our travels through Nicaragua. I really want to share one of their dirty stories on San Juan del Sur with you guys, so here it goes.
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Pool Crawling in San Juan del Sur(f)


The streets of San Juan del Sur

Monday is going to be so horrible

is the main thing you’ll hear in the streets of San Juan del Sur during the weekend. The main goal for every tourist in town is to get a ticket to the SundayFunday party and a place to stay. What a night it will be!
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My 5 favorite things to do in Nicaragua

Nicaragua_chicken_busNicaragua is one of those places that still has not been visited by all your friends and family. A great country for backpackers due to the cheap prices of public transport, local food and beers, but mainly a beautiful place to visit because it is such an adventurous destination with great surroundings and very friendly people.

There are plenty of things to do in Nicaragua that can keep you busy during a visit, but the great part of it is that over here you can still get of the beaten track and go with the flow of the locals.

Prepare yourself to eating a lot of rice and beans, getting whistled at non-stop if you’re a woman, seeing many beautiful birds anywhere you go, going out to party for six dollars all night, taking chicken-buses, seeing smoking volcanoes in the background and amazing surf beaches you just can’t get enough off. Here is a top 5 of things I loved doing in Nicaragua.

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