Overlooking the jungle from the ancient Mayan pyramid of Coba


Coba, Mexico

Climbing to the top of Coba’s pyramid, which is the highest Mayan pyramid of the Yucatan Peninsula. It gives a majestic view of the Mexican jungle surroundings.

It’s Friday morning when we hop on one of the ADO buses in Tulum to head for Coba. The night before we had already bought our round-way tickets to make sure we have seats. The ancient Maya ruins of Coba lay in the middle of the Mexican jungle yet surrounded by lakes, about an hour away from Tulum.
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Adventurous rafting in Norway


It do not see it that much, but now it is happening again: an exciting activity where everyone is having a good time during the entire event with a lot of smiling. Many thought the idea of doing this was a bit scary before, but when we finally arrived at the Sjoa raftingsenter NWR everybody was looking forward to it. We are going for some rafting!

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Expedia Pioneer [VIDEO]

A video that I especially made for Expedia Pioneer to perhaps get the coolest job in the Netherlands.

I recorded this in Antigua – Guatemala.


Music by: Topher Mohr and Alex Elena – Gypsy Dance

Street artists from La Rambla move to Eindhoven

What happened here? I think while I walk through the biggest city of Brabant, or as I like to call it: Brabantia. Eindhoven is not the capital of the Netherlands nor the capital of the Dutch province Brabant, but it is the biggest city of Brabant and it sure is vibrant. A lot of art and design makes it a beautiful city, while normally I am not even a big fan of big cities.
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