Bienvenidos a Panama!


I have just arrived to Panama. I got on a bus in the morning in Costa Rica called Tracopa, which took me from Palmar Norte to David. Well, actually first I had to take a boat trip since I was still on the Peninsula de Osa, followed by a taxi collectivo to Palmar Norte and the Tracopa bus from there off to the second largest city of Panama named David. more!

Travel whoops moments

Heading to the airport to catch your flight and then you realize it does not leave until tomorrow, ordering something completely different than you wanted in a foreign language, and losing your passport on the beach while afterwards back home you discover it was still in your bag. These are all things we have experiences with while traveling. I call them travel whoops moments. To prevent them from happening again I thought I could share some of mine with you! more!


The question ‘what does that wanderlust mean’ pops up quit frequently with people hearing the name of my website, so I should answer you with its significance.

Wan·der·lust is a strong desire for or impulse to wander or travel and explore the world.

That does not sound to difficult I guess, but to give you a better explanation of this German word here is the following info.

wanderlustletters more!