Diving with bull sharks – a good or a bad thing

bull sharks-absolute-adventure-mexico

Picture by Absolute Adventure Mexico

Bull sharks cruise the shallow, warm waters of the world and have a bad reputation. A few years ago even I was worried about encountering such a predator in the tropical shorelines during a swim. However, I’ve become intrigued by the bull shark and the many other magnificent sharks. I’d like to meet them.
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Becoming a PADI Rescue Diver


Diving is addicting

Over the last few years diving has become my thing. It started in 2006 in Jamaica, where I did a discovery dive, just me and the dive instructor. He took me by the hand and introduced me to the glory of diving. A few years later, in 2014, I walked passed a dive center in Panama and decided to find out why it kept on feeling so appealing to me. I became a PADI Open Water diver right there (step 1).
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