Do we, the new generation, refuse to grow up?

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When will the new generation settle down

Every once in a while people ask me and my boyfriend when we will settle down. Once we do settle down, they will ask us when we will get married and after that, when we will have kids. The big questions always remains:

Where are you going to settle down then?”

We never have an answer. Not when or where. At least not yet.

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Positive awareness [Mindset]


Picture by Thom Mattsson

Today I woke up, had my breakfast with my boyfriend and in the afternoon we decided we’d go snowboarding. We’re living in the Dolomites for the season, so we might as well make use of the fact that we’re living in the mountains. However, as two days ago my feeling on the slopes was absolutely shitty I got worried about today’s snowboarding session. more!

Backgammon at Mexico’s Puerto Escondido #ItTakesTwo [video]

Just another day in paradise for us two…

Thom​ and I are now at Puerto Escondido, on the beach of Zicatela, where we enjoy beating each other in Backgammon!

…and yes, we basically have the whole place to ourselves πŸ™‚

The reverse culture shock of coming home


Photo by Cindy Rigters

As I write this it has been 1 month since I got back home from my Latin-America travels and a thousand thoughts are occupying my mind. We explore the world, see new places, meet great people, go to exciting events, get to know other cultures – then we go home again and realize the trip finished.
Leaving friends and family behind when you leave home always seems to be the toughest part of the trip, but what about coming back home? more!