Overlooking the jungle from the ancient Mayan pyramid of Coba


Coba, Mexico

Climbing to the top of Coba’s pyramid, which is the highest Mayan pyramid of the Yucatan Peninsula. It gives a majestic view of the Mexican jungle surroundings.

It’s Friday morning when we hop on one of the ADO buses in Tulum to head for Coba. The night before we had already bought our round-way tickets to make sure we have seats. The ancient Maya ruins of Coba lay in the middle of the Mexican jungle yet surrounded by lakes, about an hour away from Tulum.
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Rocking the “W” trek in Torres del Paine

I feel one with nature because there is no sign of society (besides the refugios) at all. My backpack is kind of heavy, but the idea of being able to survive for a week with just the things you carry on your back gives a very good and strong feeling. Torres del Paine, here we come!
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Refugio Frey in the Andes


I really deserved this, I’m thinking as I lay down on the rocks at the lakeside near the peak of the mountain. After having hiked for four hours I’ve finally made it to Refugio Frey. I had no idea that I was going to encounter a lake at this height, so I forgot to bring my bikini. Luckily it’s okay (I think) to just relax near a lake in Argentina in your underwear. So I’ll just do that.
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