Crossing latin borders


One of the nicest ways of getting from Chile (Puerto Varas) to Argentina (Bariloche) is probably by boat, which only Cruce Andino makes possible.
If you love to see mountains, forests, lakes, but especially snow-capped volcanoes and glaciers, then this is definitely the most exciting way to cross Latin borders. more!

The penguins of Chiloé


The “Monumento Natural Islotes de Puñihuil” is situated at 27 km away from the city of Ancud. There are three islands which share the same purpose: keeping the penguins safe from extinction. Of the eighteen species of penguins living in our world, ten can be found in Chile. There are two of those species living in Puñihuil: the Magallanes penguin and the Humbolt penguin. more!

Rocking the “W” trek in Torres del Paine

I feel one with nature because there is no sign of society (besides the refugios) at all. My backpack is kind of heavy, but the idea of being able to survive for a week with just the things you carry on your back gives a very good and strong feeling. Torres del Paine, here we come! more!

Rafting towards volcanoes in Chile


You’re in the water, close to nature, seeing your holiday destination from a different point of perspective. It’s fun, you’re enjoying it with your friends and it still provides a kick of adrenaline to the most of us. Rafting. It is a ‘must do’ when you’re in Puerto Varas. more!