Is your birthplace still just like you left it?


Looking for frogs with my dad back in the 90’s

On a hot summer day back in the nineties a blond girl with blue eyes was born. Growing up near the farms, where she could ride her horses, play in the forest, build tree houses and prepare herself to explore the rest of the world, she got older and more curious deciding to leave this place. After 25 years things should have changed a lot at her birthplace, but let’s find out if it actually did change.

As you might figure, that blond blue-eyed girl is me. Two days ago I walked around at my birthplace and took photos. Just to see if my memory would be shocked or not by the possible changes. more!

The luxurious stress of travel choices


Photo by Debby van Boxtel

It’s that time of the year that choices have to be made. Again. It seems every other half a year something changes in my life. If not earlier. I have been back in the Netherlands again for about four months now, yet I haven’t been home all the time either those last couple of months because I was lucky enough to do plenty of trips. Being back after those 7 months in Latin America, back home, there where I grew up and where I left my friends, I realized I wasn’t quite done with my own country. However, the travel bug doesn’t seem to leave me alone and I am craving for new adventures. more!