Overlooking the jungle from the ancient Mayan pyramid of Coba


Coba, Mexico

Climbing to the top of Coba’s pyramid, which is the highest Mayan pyramid of the Yucatan Peninsula. It gives a majestic view of the Mexican jungle surroundings.

It’s Friday morning when we hop on one of the ADO buses in Tulum to head for Coba. The night before we had already bought our round-way tickets to make sure we have seats. The ancient Maya ruins of Coba lay in the middle of the Mexican jungle yet surrounded by lakes, about an hour away from Tulum.
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Travel guide: the island life in Bocas del Toro


If you’re traveling to Panama and looking for the Caribbean reggae vibe you cannot miss out on a visit to Bocas del Toro. Think sandy beaches, crystal clear water, surfing and diving, good food and happy people.
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Walking through the clouds in Monteverde

Have you ever walked through a Cloud Forest? How about walking through the clouds of this forest? Getting confused?

This is what I’m talking about:

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Hotel review Corcovado Adventures Tent Camp


In the middle of nowhere in Costa Rica you can find the Corcovado Adventure Tent Camp. Well, maybe not exactly in the middle of nowhere, but at least it’s quite remote. Right beside the Corcovado National Park at the beach, which meets the jungle directly, you can spend the night in a high quality tent. You won’t have to put up your own tent, no, everything will be already set for you to use right away. The idea of camping at the beach near the jungle sounds really amazing and so I decided to visit the tent camp for two adventurous nights.
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