Photos from 7 months in Latin America


Latin America is enormous and you can easily spend over half a year to explore the surroundings. After I graduated for my tourism degree I wandered around for 7 months, starting in Argentina and finishing in Mexico, and I brought my camera to capture the wonderful views. more!

Anecdotes from Brasil


The sound of the ocean with its waves gently touching the beach makes me feel relaxed. It gives me exactly the same feeling as those meditation songs people play for yoga and such.
The great ambiance gets disturbed for a few minutes when three touristy party boats arrive to the bay and turn their dance music up. I soon realize it’s not too bad actually. I like music and the combination of this song and the waves might be really suitable for me. more!

I’m in paradise

So okay, did I even realize I’m in Brazil? I mean, I’m in paradise. I’m at a place nearly everyone wants to be. Sun, sea, beaches, culture and Cai-pi-rinhaaaas! I should also not forget to mention that I have all the time in the world and that I can stay longer if I want to.

Not wanting to be here yet? Alright, I’ll try to explain myself again. more!

What surfing does to me

The word surfing gives everybody different kind of feelings. For one person it can mean a nice workout at the beach while for the other person it might mean the world. A lifestyle. This year I started in the magical world of surfing, and it only just began. It is something I have been wanting to do all this time.


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