Coming home to Calella

Aurora from Seville, my old colleague, is awaiting my arrival at Girona airport when I walk through customs. We give each other a big hug followed by two kisses on the cheeks and walk towards the car, which she somehow always seems to park at the entrance of whatever comfortable place without getting a “multa” from la policia. more!

With Ryanair to Girona


As I am waiting at Eindhoven Airport to catch a flight to Girona Barcelona I realize that I have done this over fifty times. I mean, I have been waiting at this airport many many times to catch the same flight; to reach my previous hometown, which used to be a weekly activity on my agenda. Today I am flying back, again, but for a different reason. I am invited to attend the ExpoNuvis fair in Calella and walk their catwalk. How about that! more!

Travel whoops moments

Heading to the airport to catch your flight and then you realize it does not leave until tomorrow, ordering something completely different than you wanted in a foreign language, and losing your passport on the beach while afterwards back home you discover it was still in your bag. These are all things we have experiences with while traveling. I call them travel whoops moments. To prevent them from happening again I thought I could share some of mine with you! more!