Getting blown away by Mendoza’s Alta Montaña


Time to go and explore the mountain range of Mendoza. Since Mendoza is located in the Andes, leaving town and doing some sightseeing is definitely a must. I had no idea before arriving to Mendoza that there are so many amazing places pretty nearby. more!

Staying in Salta to explore Cafayate


Argentine man singing and playing his guitar in Cafayate

We just arrived to Salta, but the best parts of this visit are located a few kilometers away from town. Cafayate is one of them. A day tour to the beautiful surroundings of Cafayate is something to put high on your list for a visit to Salta.

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The seven lakes & San Martin de los Andes


At eight in the morning a very comfortable looking bus waits for me to hop on so that we can start the tour to the seven lakes & San Martin de los Andes. As I pick a seat the nice local guide, Federico, looks up my name on the list and I can tell they have communicated by phone because my last name is written as Richter instead of Rigters (happens a lot). It’s always funny to see the variety of changed names I get while being abroad. The very friendly and funny driver is called Pato, I guess because he walks like a duck. His real name is Antonio though. more!