The Airbnb home of Casa De Los Sueños in Playa del Carmen


Playa del Carmen, Mexico

I have been enjoying the homes of the Airbnb website for a couple of years now. The first time I tried it I ended up spending time with an artistic Argentinean brother and sister who made me feel at home in their beautiful wooden Airbnb house. This time I found a place to stay through Airbnb again and my boyfriend and I made it our home away in Playa del Carmen. more!

The hostel experience

After having got used to the Latin American customs guys telling you they’d prefer to give you a passport stamp for a permanent stay (with them that is) there are lots of other things I’ve gotten used to during my travels in Latin-America. Especially the hostels and the family homes, which happened to become more than just a place to stay for me. Many of them felt like home.

photo 2 more!

Bariloche and my secret home


Why can’t these Argentinean people just be NOT kind! Arghh.. Everywhere I go I seem to end up wanting to stay longer. I have no complains at all, but it’s just so difficult to move on to the next destination. I’m totally in love with this magical country. more!

First things first

Hi guys! I’ve decided to spend this summer in the Netherlands and it will be my first summer back home since 2007. It’s strange to be here again for such a long time and my wanderlust has been yelling to me again the last few weeks.
So I’ll plan my next trip to Latin-America: the favorite continent of my dreams! Great cultures, lovely people, beautiful nature and art, and the most enjoyable lifestyles! more!