Working in the Maldives as a dive instructor

A month and a half goes by in the Maldives as if it was only a few days. Time goes fast when you’re having...

7 reasons why not to wear make-up

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Scuba Diving in Huatulco – the marine life of Oaxaca

Diving in Huatulco A few days ago we went for two dives in Huatulco, my favorite city in Mexico. Huatulco lays in Oaxaca on...

Getting ready for a year of diving in the Maldives

Diving in the Maldives A new adventure has come across our path and with this comes a new destination. Thom and I will spend...

Meeting people on the road – Tips for finding someone while traveling solo

Meeting people can be very easy or extremely difficult, depending on what type of person you are yourself. While pages like the international

Freediving – a new passion on one breath

Freediving. A word that brings many different pictures to mind. It could show the image of a person jumping from a high board that...

Finding a baby seal in Greece – the endangered Mediterranean monk seal

The endangered Mediterranean monk seal When you think of seals, where do your thoughts go to? To the Californian coast where the wild sea...
thatwanderlust-guided tour-Kalmar Castle-sweden

The Kalmar Castle – Back in time in Sweden

A guided tour in Kalmar Castle ‘Are you here for the English tour?’ A young man asked us as he shook our hands and...

Back home, a tourist in my own country

Travels to the Netherlands I will have one week “back home” and I don’t need much time to think about the things I want...

Doing a PADI IDC in Bocas – becoming diving instructors

In the beginning of 2017 Thom and I did the IDC. But what’s an IDC? It stands for Instructor Development Course! As we both...

Travel quote 1

Do you ever have this feeling that you want to be at a destination you only dream of and it seems like you know this place very well (while it might not even exist) . The thing is you only know the place in your dreams, but when you finally reach the destination one day you’ll get a dejavu…

I guess that’s called fernweh:
A crave for travel; being homesick for a place you’ve never been


A flight from Huatulco to Mexico City. ThatWanderlust

A flight from Huatulco to Mexico City

My advise: take a plane and go wherever you feel you belong.

While out of your comfort zone

In 2011 I was working as a guide in Barcelona with bicycle tours (CruisingBarcelona) through the city. That summer I met Annemay van den Heuvel, while she was visiting BCN with her friend. I guided her through town with the tour and we had nice conversations.

One year later I started my studies in the Netherlands and with our class we went to Barcelona for a study-trip – it had to be Barcelona?
Funny thing was, that Annemay also started the same study (in another city) and we met again during this trip.


At work as a guide in Barcelona, the group with Annemay – summer 2011 more!

Getting inspired at the Reiswerk Excellent Student Congress in Turkey


Last Friday we went to Amsterdam Schiphol very early (05:00am) in the morning to take-off for Antalya. The reason for this trip was to attend the Reiswerk Excellent Student Congress for 4 days with a big group of excellent university tourism students and tourism professionals.

In Antalya (turkish Riviera) we got accommodation at the 5*star Hotel Titanic Deluxe in Belek. This was an amazing stay, since we were one of the first guests at this Super Deluxe All-Inclusive hotel – the waterslides were fun assured, and the food was amazingly delicious (especially the desserts)!
But let’s get to the point, it wasn’t all about the hotel. More important were the people who attended the congress and what they had to share with us.


Students of TIO University of Applied Sciences (from left to right: Niels van der Heijden, Renate Rigters, Annemay van den Heuvel, Maggie Luiten and Edgar Fluijt) more!

Guess I’ll need a new backpack

I’m still figuring out which travel gear to buy for my backpacking trip… any advise?

At this moment I have this AltaRuta65 backpack, which I bought a few years ago in Barcelona. I haven’t got a clue so far how many liters fit in this backpack…but how many liters do I actually need? Anyone?