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The Kalmar Castle – Back in time in Sweden

A guided tour in Kalmar Castle ‘Are you here for the English tour?’ A young man asked us as he shook our hands and...

Back home, a tourist in my own country

Travels to the Netherlands I will have one week “back home” and I don’t need much time to think about the things I want...

Doing a PADI IDC in Bocas – becoming diving instructors

In the beginning of 2017 Thom and I did the IDC. But what’s an IDC? It stands for Instructor Development Course! As we both...

It’s all Greek to me – things about the Greek culture

  Culture from elsewhere makes us see differences between what’s normal and strange. Your perspective changes. Take the bits and pieces of that foreign...

Travel Guide: How to explore Athens in 2 days

The last few years I’ve been in Greece quite a bit, but I have never been to Athens before! This year’s travel-route to our...

It’s been a while!

The sun hits my head on a daily base. After a lot of flights, many different countries, making plans with my viking, diving every...

Do we, the new generation, refuse to grow up?

When will the new generation settle down Every once in a while people ask me and my boyfriend when we will settle down. Once...

Traveling to the U.S. is easy when you have an ESTA

All you need to know about traveling to the United States of America with ESTA A guest post by Josh Hobson What’s an ESTA?...

6 reasons Berlin should be your next city break

Over the last few years the memories of my visit to Berlin with my dad in 2006 haven’t faded away. The great Pergamon Museum...
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Adventurous cycling in Badem-Würtemmberg, Germany

An adventurous cycle route by the Neckar, Kocher and Jagst Straight away before the gates of Stuttgart in the city-triangle of Heidelberg, Karlsruhe and...

Guess I’ll need a new backpack

I’m still figuring out which travel gear to buy for my backpacking trip… any advise?

At this moment I have this AltaRuta65 backpack, which I bought a few years ago in Barcelona. I haven’t got a clue so far how many liters fit in this backpack…but how many liters do I actually need? Anyone?


Rare shoes

Did you ever buy any clothes or shoes abroad, thinking you’ll never find anyone back home with the same handmade local fashion?

Well, half a year ago I went to Kuala Lumpur and I visited a place named Central Market. There I bought these beautiful Indian sandals of which I thought I wouldn’t find other Dutchies wearing them as well.

This weekend I was in Belek, Turkey where I met a Dutch girl, Petra Horsch, who asked me if I bought my ‘rare shoes’ in Kuala Lumpur…


… Whoops!

A wrong name on an airline-ticket is expensive

About 60.000 Dutchies fill in a wrong name on their airline-ticket. This costs about 200 euros per person per ticket to change.

Filling in a nickname, instead of the Christian name, while booking online is the most common mistake.

Check, double-check and check again!

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Eating bugs in Mexico

Clean, nutritious and tasty!

Insects are a common ingredient for food in Hispanic Latin American countries.

Let’s have a look at the Oaxacan (state in southwestern Mexico) menu: guacamole with grasshoppers. Yummy!
I personally recommend everybody to taste the Oaxacan grasshoppers as they taste like real good chips. I really like the taste and I even brought some prepared grasshoppers to the Netherlands for my friends after visiting Mexico for the 2nd time.

Want to try? If you are visiting Oaxaca and you would like to order grasshoppers, ask for a dish with ‘chapulines’ which is the Mexican name for these jumping bugs.

Grasshoppers in Oaxaca