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The doorbell rings. There is a delivery guy with a tiny package standing at my doorstep. With the letters ‘Mighty Dwarf‘ written on the box I realize my own shiny tiny blue speaker has arrived! Woo-hoo! I cannot wait to unpack you, but first I need to arrange which music I want to put on my SD card.

I will select some Salsa sounds for when I feel like dancing (which is all the time!), some Hard Rock, some House Music from the Netherlands, Jason Mraz for chill-out times and those Mexican songs from Fobia and los Temerarios that bring me back too memory lane.


My Mighty Dwarf speaker brings music to my home and a nice atmosphere together with some souvenirs of my journeys.

Where should I place you today?

Now that I can insert the SD card with my own music into the Mighty Dwarf speaker I need to find the perfect spot to place you. Hm, do you prefer a wooden table or a piece of furniture with glass? It all gives a different sound. I figure I should try it all, and later on I will make up my mind on which sound and place will be my favorite. The speaker is located on the bottomside of the Mighty Dwarf, which provides you with 360Β° of sound.


Different places, different sounds.

Connect it or use an Sd card

I discovered you can choose to play music with this speaker as well when you connect it to your computer, your Iphone, or other electronics that have an entry for the earphone plug. So you can decide to play songs from your SD card or to use it as a speaker for one of your electronic devices.

To charge my Mighty Dwarf Speaker I just need to connect it with the usb cable to my computer. Really easy and meanwhile I can still keep on playing music 360Β°.


Music during diner

True story

I decided to invite a friend over for diner and to prepare some Mexican food. I played music while I was cooking and as soon as my friend arrived he heard the music and started looking for the speakers.

So where are those new speakers you bought?”

My friend asked. I told him that it is that tiny blue thing on the table, which amazed him by the amount of sound it could provide.


Even my birdy was looking for the origin of this loud music.

The holiday sound

Last week I took my Mighty Dwarf speaker with me to Spain. The speaker is not very light of weight, but it is very small. He accompanied me on my journey to Barcelona where I stayed in a way-to-big apartment for one person. The apartment was really quiet while I like to have some sound from the surroundings that tell me there is life. Since I was staying in a really calm place I had to create a nice atmosphere by myself. Luckily I brought my shiny tiny blue speaker!


Details & information

Product: MightyDwarf speaker
Cost: €59,95 on the website of the Dutch Authorized Reseller.
Note: you can choose between different colors, such as black, blue and silver. I would recommend you to buy a cover as well so that you can protect your speaker from dust and dirt when not in use. I currently have the blue 7W Mighty Dwarf.


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