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Learn the language with native teachers

I wanted to learn Brazilian Portuguese since it would come in handy for my visit to Brazil. So I tried to find a language school near my hometown in the Netherlands where I could enjoy learning Portuguese in my spare time after work.

I found Instituto Avenida Brasil to be the only language school who has native Brazilian teachers working for them, who live in the Netherlands, and will teach you their language in a class room, in the evening.

Gabriela really wants you to learn


Eu e Gabriela

The school called me after the e-mail I had send them and I got invited to take classes in Eindhoven for the beginners level AB-1 – with the lovely Gabriela Smeja as my teacher.

Gabriela is a fantastic teacher. She sent many e-mails during the week with material I could use for extra practice. Sometimes I sent her an e-mail with the Portuguese sentences I had to make for homework and she always responded promptly with the right answers and a lot of enthusiasm. It is great when your teacher really wants you to learn 🙂 She was looking forward to every class I think, because every Monday evening when we had class she would be full of energy to speak with us and teach us more and more.

What do you learn?


Material for learning Portuguese

During class we would always start by explaining in Portuguese how our weekend was and what we did during the rest of the week. We learned a lot of words and grammar. I had some trouble not to speak Spanish during class, but Gabriela would always correct my words into the right Portuguese words. Since I already speak Spanish it was a bit confusing for me sometimes, because these Latin languages look-a-like. Though, now I can switch from Spanish to Portuguese and the other way around, so it worked! Thanks to Gabriela!

Motivations to speak portuguese

Our class was a group of 7 students with different motivations to start the course. One wanted to go to Brazil for a holiday, while the other went there for his internship. There was even one person who builds houses in ‘Cidade de Deus’ and just wanted to make himself understandable to the locals.


Some of the students of the beginners course AB-1

The 2 hours always passed by quickly and when I got home after class I felt like hearing some more Portuguese. So, ‘Cidade de Deus’ and ‘Central do Brasil’ where good movies to end the day with.

Details & information

Language course: Brazilian Portuguese
Cost: the course normally costs €215 for 20 hours of classes
Note: this language course will make you capable of communicating in Portuguese in Brazil. A friendly teacher who helps you a lot and motivates you will teach you Portuguese 2 hours a week nearby your hometown. There are different levels you can choose from (AB-1 to AB-6). They write a lot of promotions on their Facebook page, so it might be interesting for you to follow them and maybe find a discount!


Última aula Português com deliciosas aperitivos Brasileiras e Guaraná
Last Portuguese lesson with very tasteful Brazilian treats and Guaraná


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