Kanaberg – A rocky outdoor adventure in Sweden


A mysterious place that has been the shelter for thieves and robbers, which simultaneously invites to great adventure and discovery

Kanaberg, literally translated as the Cana Mountains, is an impressive sight of giant boulders that you encounter in the forest of Swedish Småland.


Hiding under a rock

The huge rocks invite you for fun and adventure, but at the same time there are some legends and tales about them. After a few minutes of climbing Thom and I reach the highest peak. From underneath the big rock in the middle it should be possible to reach a cave that is three times 7 meters. It was here where the so-called Kanabergstjuvarna (thieves) lived in the early 1800’s. Maybe they were hiding some of their treasures in these caves? Everywhere there are deep holes that could be entrances for caves. We climb a few meters down from the top and find something that we believe may be the entrance to the large cave but we don’t dare to enter this narrow crawling hole. We have a flashlight on our phone, but a rope and some even more comfortable clothing would have been handy.


The path through the forest to get to the rocks



Climbing down



One of the entrances to a cave


Enjoying mother nature


Where is that big cave and its treasures?!

Finally, we are exhausted by all the climbing but determined to soon go back to the Kanaberg to make new discoveries among the stones and its caves.

Oh, and by the way, this place was called a natural monument in 1948!

Would you like to go to Kanaberg?


How to get there?!

Follow the highway from Torsâs towards Söderâkra. Drive through the town of Ryd and Karlshult which you pass on one and the same road until you see a sign on the right side of the road with Kanaberg. Park your car by the road and enter the forest by foot!


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