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A week ago I went to the beach in the Netherlands – yes, we do have a beach here too! The name of the beach is Scheveningen (part of The Hague) and at the end of summer it is a great place to visit if you like rollerskating on the boulevard. There are also some great dining options for afterwards and in particularly there’s one which I find quite special. After the racing with my skates on the paths near the beach I went to the Rodizio restaurant; A Brazilian Grill. And you know I adore Brazil and I love meat!

A unique dining experience

Show me a restaurant that works with the all-you-can-eat concept, offers good service with a smile and still offers good quality food combined with a unique dining experience. Not many restaurants can pull this off. The Rodizio restaurant in The Hague on the other hand does!


I present to you the lovely (meat) waiters!

I walk up to the entrance of the restaurant where a waiter approaches me with a smile and we greet each other. He shows me a table inside of the restaurant, but I prefer to sit outside. “That’s no problem at all,” the waiter tells me and I soon find myself sitting on the terrace with some flowers on the table sitting in a comfy chair.


The terrace of Rodizio

GaΓΊchos from Brazil

Most of the waiters appear to be Brazilian and speak Dutch with a cute accent. The decor totally enhances the charming ambiance of the place, indoor and outdoor. The Rodizio ‘GaΓΊchos’ walk to your table every couple of minutes with a fantastically prepared piece of meat which they slice of their spit and serve at your table. With a choice of Tenderloin, Rib-eye, Lamb, Brazilian sausages, chicken, grilled pineapple and even more, you can imagine that my mouth starts watering every time a new skewer gets presented at the table. The kind waiter also places some appetizer on the table like fried banana, some french fries and bread.


I tried a Rodizio Cocktail… yummy!

The salad bar is one of the most special ones I’ve ever seen. It has lots of kinds of vegetables, potatoes and salads, but even some sushi! It’s somehow very organized, which I admire very much since plenty of people pass by the salad bar and normally this creates a mess. The Rodizio restaurant in The Hague however is able to keep everything looking nice and tidy, or as I like to say: finger licking delicious!


The Salad bar gets turned into a dancing stage with Brazilian Samba!

Memories of carnival

Every Friday and Saturday a group of Brazilian Samba performers provide an exotic show, which can make you feel as if you’re in the middle of a true Brazilian Carnival. I spent this year’s carnival in Brazil and get some memories of the Sambadromo in Rio while watching the dancers at Rodizio gather more people to samba with them.


Of course everyone wants to join if Samba music gets played and danced


The Samba dancers were friendly enough to strike a pose with me πŸ™‚

What does it cost?

You pay a single price for the dining experience, which is based on the all you can eat concept, which costs €24,50 from Sunday till Thursday or €29,50 from Friday till Saturday and on public holidays. You can find the Rodizio restaurant right next to the Kurhaus in Scheveningen.

Do you like to be in an international ambiance, with lots of colors, music, happy people and amazingly good food? Visit Scheveningen and spend your evening at the Rodizio restaurant to experience a truly Brazilian dining vibe!

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  1. Mooi he, ‘t Scheveningse strand πŸ™‚ Volgende keer even zwaaien bij Patagonia op het Zwarte Pad! Ik denk dat ik binnenkort ook maar eens bij Rodizio langs ga voor een goed stuk vlees. Krijg direct trek!

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