Adventurous cycling in Badem-Würtemmberg, Germany


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An adventurous cycle route by the Neckar, Kocher and Jagst

Straight away before the gates of Stuttgart in the city-triangle of Heidelberg, Karlsruhe and Nürnberg cyclists can enjoy many cycle paths. There is little traffic and lots to explore which makes it great for cycling! Several playgrounds for kids are located beside the road. Small lakes for a pick-nick break and many other attractions make sure the road is always interesting.

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Cycling on the way to Neckartal-Radweg

The Neckertal-Radweg (366km distance in total) with stages through the HeilbronnerLand and the Odenwald is great for cycling with kids, because it’s located along side the Neckar. The Neckartal is a series of castles, palaces and various destinations for excursions.

What is really spectacular is the air show with eagles and vultures on the Deutsche Greifenwarte at Castle Guttenberg. In the castle museum you can discover how at you could become a knight at one time and why there were actually ever castles built.

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The salt mine Bad Friedrichshall lets you search for white gold. After a raging ride to 180 meters of depth you reach the begin of the 200 million years old world, separated from the salt.

It is certainly worthwhile to wander, or in this case cycle, a few kilometers away from the Neckartal cycle path to visit the cave of Eberstadt. With its richness in shape and beauty the cave makes a deep impression on the visitor. In this fantasy world, you can also admire one of the finest Stalactites of Europe, the so-called “wedding cake”.

At Experimenta Heilbronn it’s all about actively participating. Here awaits a learning and adventure world with over 150 interactive exhibits, divided into four themed worlds.

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Spending the night in a barrel

Equally adventurous is a stay at the tipi camping in Haßmersheim or a visit to Kanu + Bike park Neckargerach. For both large and small indians the Indian canoes are ready for departure.
Children can also play on the farm Michaelsberg Gundelsheim with a large playground, petting zoo, and many animals.
For those who prefer something typically regional, stay in camping barrels at the vineyard of Weingut Müller in Nordheim.

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Experiences along bike trail Doppeltes Lottchen

The two rivers Kocher and Jagst do not flow very distant from each other into the Neckar. The 100 kilometer long bicycle trail leads along the two rivers through the beautiful landscape of the Hohenlohe region. Along the way you’ll pass by many interesting places with a rich history and a lot of landscape, nature and rest areas.

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Whoever gets too hot cycling, can take a dip in the outdoor pool Kocherfreibad in Künzelsau.
You can learn many interesting facts about jeans and their makers during a stop in the Mustang Museum in Künzelsau.
In the forest climbing park Hohenlohe Langenburg you can leave the bike for a bit to go into height. You find the climbing park high above the Jagsttal in the middle of a landscaped park from the 18th century with giant oaks and an impressive beach. The seven different climbing routes offer a challenge for every age. Spectators can view the the climbers from the panoramic terrace and enjoy a unique view of the Jagsttal.

Sleeping in the hay

In the evening you can either find coziness and fun in the haystack Heuhotel Hirsch Dörzbach, in one of the many inns or at one of the campsites.

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You can more inspiring cycling routes for Germany by clicking here! Or, for the Dutch people, here’s a great link for more information and cycling maps!

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