Cruising European rivers with a motorcylcle


For 5 days long my Motormaus and I cruised next to the European rivers, such as the Meuse, Moselle and the Rhine, by motorcycle. We drove through Belgium, Germany, a tiny part of France and eventually went back to where life started; Holanda!

dad_renate_reuniteHello Netherlands and bye bye again

I just got back home from a 7-months kick-ass journey all the way from Argentina up to Mexico. My dad was glad he finally got a chance to give me a hug and my friends threw me a super sweet surprise party to have me back home, while my boyfriend on the other hand already decided to bring me to another trip on the next day.

a new toy: the headset

So, with the intention to leave my native country – again – early the day after my arrival we still have to sort out the motorcycling gear. Well, not that much of work for me, because I’m not driving. Anywho, I do have a new task during this ride since we now have a headset for our helmets and I have the control of the music. Yes! You got that right; I have the control of our ears.
The thing is basically fantastic. You can talk to each other, turn up or down the volume – even switch to music whenever you’re tired of hearing each others voices – and well, as I said, the new gear is pretty much great, but it has to stay attached to the helmet… We leave the house and the headset just doesn’t make any friends with my helmet. After a pit-stop at a friend’s house in Maastricht, to adjust the new toy in a better way to my casque, we were finally ready to use it seriously this time and start the real ride.


Our first destination is going to be Durbuy. A little municipality in Belgium with a cute little down town center where we can enjoy some Belgium beers, think about our travel-route for tomorrow and check-in at the fancy hotel. A route called “Mergelland” brings us closer to Durbuy as we enjoy leaving the Netherlands and entering Belgium; the roads become more curved and I have to hold on a bit more tight. Not that I mind – love it!

It’s already late in the evening when we finally arrive at the hotelΒ in Durbuy we booked earlier today. We check in, drop our bags and leave again for the city center. We won’t stay away too long though, because we hope we will be able to get up early and enjoy the great Spa facilities the hotel offers.

Hotel Azur en Ardenne has got a nice swimmingpool

Enjoying the pool at Hotel Azur en Ardenne in Durbuy


The second day of out motorcycle trip has arrived. ‘Ah, so we do have a phone?’, we say as it was hidden somewhere behind a fan and the receptionist who’s calling confirms the check-out time. We put on our robes and decide to still go into the Spa before we leave. A short hour of laps in the pool followed by a big breakfast in town is what prepares us for another day of motorcycling, this time into Germany.



Motormaus is driving the massive motorbike as I sit on the back of it and hold on tight to his chest. Today the sights are even more spectacular and the curves exciting enough for me to turn on the headset and complain to my guy about ruining my shoe-sole again by letting it touch the road. I guess someday we’ll have to get some decent motor boots.

We pass through many beautiful German villages with medieval castles and after a couple of Cappuccinos and a sunny lunch we reach Beilstein. With a rather late arrival – as our navigation system kept on adding another hour every time we should have already arrived – we ring the door bell of the hotel while it is already dark and very quiet on the streets of Beilstein. A voice tells us we’re late and a few minutes later a pretty much grumpy man shows us our room. Leaving us surprised as we didn’t know the place was run by a couple that was already a sleep when we arrived and that there was not going to be a 24/7 front desk. Well, that reminds us again to never assume. Thankfully the room is quite alright and in the morning we can spoil ourselves with a tremendous breakfast. We love a big breakfast with a pretty view of the Moselle!


Enjoying an Orangensaft at the Moselle in Beilstein

the weather over here

After breakfast we leave for Karlsruhe via the city of Worms. We almost arrive at Worms as it starts raining and I realize that I have got nothing left of cloths to change myself into something dry as our jackets no longer handle the rain that well. Fortunately we do carry enough manly T-shirts and I can change my tank top for a masculine shirt for the rest of the day.

After I put the dry shirt on at the bathroom of a local Hornbach shop we buy a pair of rain jackets, just in case it would start to rain again. We then also realize that it’s extremely ignorant of us to have just been assuming 30 degrees sunny weather would be the case, without being realistic about the possibility of getting completely soaked by the annoying Northern-European rain. Oh silly us!

It was hilarious to me to wear the cloths of my Motormaus since later on I was still wearing it at a restaurant and even better, at a popular discotheque of Karlsruhe. And ehm, yes, I will spare you the photos of that!



The ‘Maas’ with an ‘R’

The Maas, probably better known as Meuse, with an ‘R’, was going to be our last river destination. The actual name of the river is the Rhine, but for some reason we gave it a new name during the ride as Rhine was to difficult to remember.

We cross the river on the motorcycle with a ferry and spend the last night of this trip in Assmannshausen. A picturesque village that reminds me of a theme park in the Netherlands called “Efteling”. Really pretty and extremely cozy.



The weather challenge

The last day of this amazing trip has truly arrived. Rise and shine near the Rhine. It’s time to go back to the Netherlands.
A long day is ahead of us, as we still need to drive from Germany, to Belgium and into the Netherlands.

motor_france_germanySurprisingly to me I still get to see a small part of France and we even get to spend some curvy time in the Eifel National Park of partly Belgium, partly Germany. However, this National park lays a little bit to high for the sun and so we get to see some rain again. Luckily this time, we’ve got the raincoats!

As we pass the border of the Netherlands again some lightning appears in the background. Hopefully we won’t get another big fat cloud above us while we’re still on the bike. It takes us about 2 cappuccinos more to reach the garage where we park the motorcycle and get spared from the natural shower that was ahead of us.

We manage to stay dry, but as soon as we can officially say that this was a blast and that we have arrived back home safely, the rain starts again.


Oh men, the weather was putting us to the test and we can say: ‘we nailed it!’

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Ever since I left my home country I felt at home at any other place I went to. I enjoy getting to know more cultures by talking to strangers and hearing their philosophy about life. Speaking with gestures when you can not find a shared language, finding places only the locals go to and learn about their customs and values. Hanging out with local people makes me happy. The experience of every new place is a step out of your comfort zone where I like to wander around until it feels like a second home.

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