Who screams Copacabana?


It’s 1 o’clock in the afternoon. I can feel the sand starting to stick against my feet and my toes are wiggling to remove some of it. The sun is bright and it might be a bit too much for me to handle today. I look for my yellow carnaval tank-top with my hands while laying on top of my Brazilian flag towel so that I can protect my already burned belly against the sun with a piece of clothing. My legs are resting on top of my beach-bag, where I keep my money and my iPhone, just in case any thief wants to pick on me this afternoon.
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Or so I’ve been told #1

I’ve been hearing these travel stories from other travelers, such as their adventures, stories about funny people they’ve met, just cool things and also stories of which I’m not sure if they’re actually true! I’ve decided to share them with you on a weekly base. So here’s the first travel-story that someone I met along the road has told me.
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