The turtles beach in Brazil


The sound of the water with its tiny waves hitting the beach makes me feel very relaxed. It gives me exactly the same feeling as those meditation songs you can download to your iPhone. The great ambiance at this natural area gets disturbed for a few minutes when three touristy party boats arrive to the bay and they turn their music on. It’s not too bad actually, because I do love music. The combination of sounds, the party and the waves, might be really suitable for me. more!

Biking Rio de Janeiro with Bruno


You’re in Rio. Yes, the amazing Rio de Janeiro! So what’s the best way to explore such a big, impressive and busy city? By bike of course! more!

An update from Búzios


Hi guys! How have you been?

I’ve been traveling my buttocks of lately (with a special visitor!!!) in Argentina, Bolivia, Peru and Brazil, so I feel bad for not having been able to write you more already. I will make it up to you though. I just arrived to Búzios, a coastal city near Rio de Janeiro, where I will be able to catch up with my story-writing and of course still do some surfing on the side 🙂

I’d love to hear from you where you want me to go next so that I can write about what you want to read!

Yours truly, Renate’s travel bug!

PS. have you already seen the new “local products” page on That Wanderlust?

Or so I’ve been told #2

Other travelers I meet share their travel experiences with me while we’re all on the travel-road trying to explore new places and different cultures. Today on the beach of Copacabana I met Christian from Switzerland who asked me to look after his belongings while he went for a shower. “I always look for another Gringo whenever I want to enter the sea or take a shower to leave my things with” he says. Christian, who had the time of his life a week ago in Salvador, Brazil for the Carnaval, had just one bad thing to tell me about his stay here. more!