Tips for your one-day visit to Belo Horizonte


The clock on the bus says it’s 5 o’clock when the guy sitting behind me wakes me up. “chegamos” he says. I get out of the bus and pick up my backpack with a still very sleepy face. I wish the bus would have had arrived a bit later, because the city still looks sleepy too. more!

I’m in paradise

So okay, did I even realize I’m in Brazil? I mean, I’m in paradise. I’m at a place nearly everyone wants to be. Sun, sea, beaches, culture and Cai-pi-rinhaaaas! I should also not forget to mention that I have all the time in the world and that I can stay longer if I want to.

Not wanting to be here yet? Alright, I’ll try to explain myself again. more!

What surfing does to me

The word surfing gives everybody different kind of feelings. For one person it can mean a nice workout at the beach while for the other person it might mean the world. A lifestyle. This year I started in the magical world of surfing, and it only just began. It is something I have been wanting to do all this time.


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Everybody’s free (to wear sunscreen)

I’m traveling by myself and I haven’t been asking strangers on the beach to do me a favor and put some sunscreen on my back. So… I’ve just got a big sunburn on my back and the Brazilian strangers who I’ve now started asking to rub my back with sunscreen told me about the Brazilian sunscreen advise from Pedro Bial (originally from Mary Schmich).

wear_sunscreen_use_filtro_solar more!