Brazilian waves of emotions


You are laying in the water, with your knees facing the bright sun while you clench the rope handle with your wet hands. A black with green colored Master boat starts pulling you with a rope and you are trying to stand up, get a grip and surf the waves with your wake board. An exhilarating feeling enters when you finally get on your feet and play with this wet and wild water sport.

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5 tips for a visit to the urban dream of Brasilia


The apostles statues at the cathedral metropolitana of BrasΓ­lia

Brasilia is often overlooked as an option while planning your travels through Brazil. Let me explain you why I think you should go to the capital of Brazil. more!

It’s Pipa-Party time

I’m – Will – Never – Drink – Again. Ever heard me say that before? Well okay, probably yes. But, this time I might be serious about it. It’s as if I woke up this morning holding one of those delicious Caipirinhas in my hand. Or was it a Caipiroska? I’m still confused. The samba beat from the boate is still in my head. I look at my iPhone to see the time and realize it is already 10 in the morning. Oh. ow. I ordered breakfast to be served at La Mansion at 8… more!

Why I don’t like Recife

What a messed up day. When I wake up I walk into the living room and there I find my Airbnb host, Karina (she’s pretty cool, I like her though), sitting on the sofa making a nervous phone call. During her cellular conversation she asks me if I still have the key of the patio gate. “Well, yes I do, why do you ask?” I reply. She asked because the TV has been stolen last night. Are you for real?

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