Meeting mother nature at Nascente Azul


GoPro photo I took partly under water, partly above the water

It is my first day in Bonito and the word floatation is on my agenda. I had never heard about a “nascente”, but apparently it is a Portuguese word meaning a spring or a water source. The Nascente Azul, where I was going to, would mean a blue spring. Floating at a blue spring. Sounds good!
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Let’s do it like they do on the Discovery channel


Going on a safari to the Pantanal in Brazil might be something you have never considered before since the place is not very well known to us foreigners. Instead of heading to the Amazon where you would normally think of going to I decided to discover the Pantanal which is actually known for its easy-to-spot wildlife due to the open surroundings this swamp has. To make it more obvious why: there are no tremendous amounts of huge trees blocking your view. On a three-day trip I succeeded on seeing a variety of wild animals and my dream of seeing one kind of animal in particular came true. Let me tell you about my visit and you will see why this place is worth your time, money, many photos and which wild animal I so desperately wanted to see!

Howler monkeys

Howler monkeys

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Hotspot: Yahooo restaurant in Pipa


My days in Pipa were pretty busy and sometimes I just wished to be at a calm place where I could enjoy the sound of the beach and be able to relax. While I was running on the beach in the morning I noticed a restaurant right beside the beach which looked very cozy and beautiful especially because it was surrounded by nature. I decided to return in the afternoon. more!

I’m a cowgirl, on real horses I ride…


How great the feeling of galloping is, someone can only know once experienced. Today I found a company that has a 107 horses on their property and they are all taken good care of, but the best part is that they follow your lead. I was getting used to the typical tourism horse that will just follow the tourguide, but today I had my “own” horse and I could go as fast as I wanted. Finally! more!