The cave with the mysterious blue lake in Bonito

It's hidden in the forest...

What is hidden over there in the forest?

What could it be, that dark place in the middle of the forest? It seems to be a cave, but it is not just a simple cave. It is the cave of Bonito with a spectacular blue lake. An optical illusion due to the reflection of the sunlight with fossils from the ice age hidden inside and lots of stalactites and stalagmites. I went to see this unique Brazilian treasure with my own blue eyes.

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The best of Rio according to Bruno Elias


About a month ago I met Bruno Elias, who is an international tour guide from Rio de Janeiro – Brazil. I worked as a bike tour guide in Barcelona in 2011 and was wondering what Bruno’s point of view was on a couple of things referring to cycling through Rio. He has been working as a tour guide for 5 years and started Bike in Rio Tours because he thinks that on a bicycle you have a better perspective of the city you’re visiting. “I saw bike tours happening in all main touristic cities around the world and guessed, why not in Rio? So, for a year and a half Bike in Rio business is running, well, cycling actually!” Bruno says. more!

Buggy Uggy in Pipa

Let's go for a ride on the beach

Let’s go for a ride on the beach

This was probably one of the most fun things I did in Pipa, Brazil. Going on a buggy tour!

Some people had already recommended it to me and so now it was my turn to try out this exciting tour. The receptionist of Domus Condominio, the place where I stayed, called the guy from BuggyUggy and it was soon all set for the next day. I asked two friends, a couple from France, to join me so that it would be more fun.

The next day, at about nine a.m., the buggy guide MarcΓ£o, was ready to pick me and my friends up for this day full of sun and fun. more!