Anecdotes from Brasil


The sound of the ocean with its waves gently touching the beach makes me feel relaxed. It gives me exactly the same feeling as those meditation songs people play for yoga and such.
The great ambiance gets disturbed for a few minutes when three touristy party boats arrive to the bay and turn their dance music up. I soon realize it’s not too bad actually. I like music and the combination of this song and the waves might be really suitable for me. more!

Are you afraid of snakes?


It’s still early in the morning as I get a message from Henrique, saying ‘Tonight I would like to invite you to come watch my show!’. I realize that the Jiboia snake show starts at 7 in the evening, meaning I have an evening program for today. Great! Finally something different than having a beer and just hanging out at the communal area of the hostel. I am quite curious on how this snake show will be. more!

My 5 favorite things to do in Pipa


There is a place in Brazil, on the North-East side of the country, that you should not skip while visiting this Latin-American pearl named Brazil!

Pipa is a little fisherman’s town, a surfers paradise, a magical place with really all you need for a Brazilian holiday. more!

Hostel Review Catarino’s Guesthouse in Brazil


A visit to Bonito in Brazil can get you a pretty high bill, since there are so many nice things to visit and they aren’t the cheapest ones either. However, you can please your bank account by staying at a nice hostel with free breakfast. more!