The ultimate bike tour of Buenos Aires


Touring through Puerto Madero

The day starts at 10 in the morning at San Telmo, Buenos Aires where we get our bikes sorted out near a garage. Among the people joining the tour there’s a British tourist, seven American tourists, myself representing The Netherlands, a German guide, a British guide and an American guide. So there are three guides at the Buenos Aires bike tour, just to be sure that you’re going to be well taken care off and every single person is enjoying their selves. I think it’s an excellent providing such a service! more!

Porteñol at the Buenos Aires Kilca Hostel


Some kind of hippie

Seems that Iberia forgot to put my backpack on the flight from London to Madrid. I have been talking about it with a lot of experienced travelers and it seems that luggage changing airplanes in London Heathrow never works the way it should work.

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Traveling, hanging out with your friends and painting


The first time you meet someone you always think something about that person, positive or negative, and it is very difficult to change that feeling you have after the first time you’ve met. I have the same with countries. The first impression is very important. My first meeting with an Argentino is the driver who brings me to town from the airport and if he sets the standard then everyone must be really friendly. He asks me all kinds of things like: where are you from? Where are your parents? How did your mum pass away? What do you do for a living? He wanted to get to know me within half an hour and of course he explained me a lot about himself too. He is separated, has a daughter of four years old and he loves working the night shifts driving around Buenos Aires because of the more peaceful traffic. more!

Nostalgic airplanes and my lost backpack


Is it a plane, is it a bird or is it Superman? Finally, the delayed flight to London Heathrow arrives at Dusseldorf and I board the airplane for this short journey to London. I have to spend the night at Heathrow, because my first flight had a delay of at least three hours due to bad weather conditions. The lady from the connecting flights desk puts me on the first flight to Madrid leaving in the morning and from there of I’ll have to catch my third flight which will finally bring me to Buenos Aires. more!