Strolling around in Tigre


Buenos Aires is a big city and you can’t get bored if you like parks, museums, shops, restaurants and bars. Still, I am not a city girl. Tigre is a river town that’s close by Buenos aires and 100% worth a visit.

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The ever drizzling city of Buenos Aires


Breakfast in Kilca Hostel

Rise and shine! it’s still early in the morning I don’t want to wake up all the other people sleeping in the dorm of the hostel so I try to wake up as quietly as I can.
I take my bag after having brushed my teeth and look for some breakfast. The hostel prepares coffee and some bread every morning, so I can eat something right away. They have some marmalade and something that looks like a very sweet peanut butter to me but here it seems to be called “dulce de leche”. Muy rico! more!