A cultural observation: Brazil vs. Argentina


A beautiful road near Bariloche, Argentina

In 2014 I spent quite some time in Latin America and I have fallen in love deeply with each and every country I traveled through. My love for these places grew especially due to all the great cultures I’ve learned about and the warm souls I’ve met, let alone the amazing scenery that passed my sight every single day.

While I was on the road I thought some things, some cultural differences, stood out quite a lot and I decided to write them down from my point of view so that I could share them with you. Today I am giving you my observations on the differences between Brazil and Argentina. It might look like a smack down and I know Brazilians are very touchy about Argentina and Argentina is very touchy about Brazil, but it’s really not. However, I would love to hear your opinions on this topic!
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Photos from 7 months in Latin America


Latin America is enormous and you can easily spend over half a year to explore the surroundings. After I graduated for my tourism degree I wandered around for 7 months, starting in Argentina and finishing in Mexico, and I brought my camera to capture the wonderful views.
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Getting blown away by Mendoza’s Alta Montaña


Time to go and explore the mountain range of Mendoza. Since Mendoza is located in the Andes, leaving town and doing some sightseeing is definitely a must. I had no idea before arriving to Mendoza that there are so many amazing places pretty nearby.
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Crossing latin borders


One of the nicest ways of getting from Chile (Puerto Varas) to Argentina (Bariloche) is probably by boat, which only Cruce Andino makes possible.
If you love to see mountains, forests, lakes, but especially snow-capped volcanoes and glaciers, then this is definitely the most exciting way to cross Latin borders.
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Staying in Salta to explore Cafayate


Argentine man singing and playing his guitar in Cafayate

We just arrived to Salta, but the best parts of this visit are located a few kilometers away from town. Cafayate is one of them. A day tour to the beautiful surroundings of Cafayate is something to put high on your list for a visit to Salta.

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Horseback riding the Patagonian lands


Ariane picks us up in Down Town Bariloche, where 3 other tourists and I join her for a short pick-up ride to her home. There she has her horses waiting for us to be picked. I get to share the backseat during the 15 minutes ride with her three lovely dogs. She has a Greyhound, a Labrador and a puppy dachshund. Together with the dogs, we’re going for a super fun horse riding tour in Bariloche today!

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Get the real Argentine Experience


Tonight it’s time for the real Argentine experience! Finally! Something to do with a lot of meat, empanadas, wine cocktails and loads of fun with “buena onda” people! How I’ve been longing for this!
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Bariloche and my secret home


Why can’t these Argentinean people just be NOT kind! Arghh.. Everywhere I go I seem to end up wanting to stay longer. I have no complains at all, but it’s just so difficult to move on to the next destination. I’m totally in love with this magical country.
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Refugio Frey in the Andes


I really deserved this, I’m thinking as I lay down on the rocks at the lakeside near the peak of the mountain. After having hiked for four hours I’ve finally made it to Refugio Frey. I had no idea that I was going to encounter a lake at this height, so I forgot to bring my bikini. Luckily it’s okay (I think) to just relax near a lake in Argentina in your underwear. So I’ll just do that.
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The seven lakes & San Martin de los Andes


At eight in the morning a very comfortable looking bus waits for me to hop on so that we can start the tour to the seven lakes & San Martin de los Andes. As I pick a seat the nice local guide, Federico, looks up my name on the list and I can tell they have communicated by phone because my last name is written as Richter instead of Rigters (happens a lot). It’s always funny to see the variety of changed names I get while being abroad. The very friendly and funny driver is called Pato, I guess because he walks like a duck. His real name is Antonio though.
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Strolling around in Tigre


Buenos Aires is a big city and you can’t get bored if you like parks, museums, shops, restaurants and bars. Still, I am not a city girl. Tigre is a river town that’s close by Buenos aires and 100% worth a visit.

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