Diving with bull sharks – a good or a bad thing

bull sharks-absolute-adventure-mexico

Picture by Absolute Adventure Mexico

Bull sharks cruise the shallow, warm waters of the world and have a bad reputation. A few years ago even I was worried about encountering such a predator in the tropical shorelines during a swim. However, I’ve become intrigued by the bull shark and the many other magnificent sharks. I’d like to meet them.
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Travel Gear Review on the anti-theft Travelon Bag + giveaway!

It’s hard for a woman to decide on what to bring today when leaving the house, since we don’t always know what we’ll need. That’s why some of us like to carry a bigger bag and others a smaller one. So what happens when you’re out traveling? Do we look at it the same way or do we know what we carry with us?

In my travel-case there are a couple of things I know I’ll always need in my bag, like my mobile phone, my passport, my camera, my book, my scarf, my sweater, a tiny umbrella, a bottle of water and my wallet. But hey, where can I fit all these things into while traveling without needing to carry a day-pack every time? Travelon gave me the solution.

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Prove those people wrong about Mexico City


The city view from the Torre Latinoamericana skyscraper in downtown Mexico City

Mexico City. The place in Mexico that sinks 2cm each day. A city where you are never alone as you will always find people on the streets (standing still eating a taco, walking, talking, discussing yesterday’s ‘lucha libre’… or sleeping) and where history blows your mind from head till toe after nearly each couple of 100 meters. However, the number of shootings, rapes and other horrible things has been growing since the late 2000s and this made Mexico look like a bloody tourist destination you don’t want to go to if wishing to return back home safely.
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And then I wanted to be a volcano climber


The streets of Antigua with volcรกn de Agua stratovolcano in the background

I do not know what has gotten into me, but lately I have been completely obsessed with climbing any nearby active volcano until I reach its hottest crater. It is not that I woke up one day with this dream of being a volcano hiker, but since there are so many active ones in my current surroundings I could not just let them be and take a picture of it from the average safer distance.
I want to touch the warm petrified lava.
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